Mouni Roy Talks About Bengalis’ Habit Of Drinking Chai With Biscuits, Sandesh & More

Mouni Roy shared that Bengalis have to have a side dish with their warm cup of chai.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Mouni Roy Talks About Bengalis’ Habit Of Drinking Chai With Biscuits, Sandesh & More

In this Dusshera special episode of the Sunday Brunch, we had to have the presence of a Bong beauty. Hence, Mouni Roy graced us at her restaurant, Badmaash, in Andheri West with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. The topics for conversations oscillated between Bengali food, Durga Puja, Brahmastra and her wedding, among others. This time, we learned that Bengalis have sweet dishes along with their cup of tea. Is that why Bengalis are so sweet? 

Mouni Roy Shared That Bengalis Have Chai With Biscuits And Sandesh

We played a fun game with Mouni Roy where we gave her various food items as choices. She was told to choose according to her food preferences. One option we gave her was cutting chai and chai with sandesh. She took us by surprise when she answered, “Coffee, black coffee.” This completely opposite reply made Kamiya laugh a little.

Further, Kamiya was curious and questioned whether Bengalis like to have a huge cup of chai with sandesh. To which Mouni Roy said, “Yes, Bengalis are really non-fussy eaters. We eat anything with anything.” True that! She also added that a side dish is preferred when Bengalis are having their afternoon tea after they have taken a nap.

Mouni Roy educated us that an afternoon nap is called ‘bhaat ghum’ as it is about the sleep that you receive after indulging in lots of rice. So after that, the evening tea comes with sweets, biscuits or some other snackable items, making it a perfect evening indulgence. Upon hearing this concept of bhaat ghum, Kamiya said that she will definitely follow this routine right after this Sunday Brunch episode.

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She Is Well-Versed In Bengali Language

Mouni Roy
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Kamiya asked Mouni Roy, “How well do you speak Bengali?” Mouni informed us that she can speak, write and read Bengali very well. Of course, she is well-versed in Bengali, a true bong beauty whom we adore! Then we played another fun game where she had to translate her dialogues in Bengali. Guess what? She did it effortlessly! Watch the video to know what all the dialogues we gave her.

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Comment down below if you were aware of Bengalis’ bhaat ghum and if you’re willing to try it.

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