This Is The Costliest Golden Night Paan In Jaipur Sold At ₹5100 That Made To The Wedding Of Saif Ali Khan

Paan In Jaipur
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 160

How much money are you ready to shell out for a paan? ₹20, or to the maximum, ₹50? A food joint in Jaipur sells a gold-plated paan that costs a whopping ₹5100. Wait, the price of the same paan can also go up to ₹11,000 if the stuffings are more. Sounds unbelievable? Known as the Golden Night Paan, the delicacy has also made itself to the elite weddings of celebrities like Saif-Kareena, Shahid-Meera and the son of J.P Nadda. The luxurious paan is called the dulhe dulhan wala paan and is served with a 6-piece set of paan khajur coated in gold or silver and desi mouth freshener, khurchand. The paan is sold by Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar and is packed like an expensive jewellery set for the richie rich.

Jaipur Paan With A Panache!

Annu Mobile Paan Bhandar is a paradise for paan lovers and offers myriad flavourful paan options. The video of the paan bhandar has been uploaded on the page india_eat_mania. The shop also sells a Golden Day Paan priced at ₹1100. These pricey paan variants are made with sweet leaves from Calicut and comprise ingredients like chandan, khar, kesar, keura, Rajnigandha, red rose flavour, night queen, gulkand, salli supari, shrifal. tutty fruity and paan khajur. They are wrapped in edible golden foil. As the shopkeeper said in the video, every inch of the paan has a different flavour. In other words, one can get a different flavour in every bite of the delicacy.


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The Shop Makes Customised Sweets And Paan-Based Delicacies Depending On The Choice Of The Customer

As revealed in the video, the paan shop made sone ke baraf ka laddoo and paan badam on special request for the wedding of Saif Ali Khan. It also made gold gundi paan for the Bachchan family. Likewise, the shop makes different kinds of gold-infused delicacies depending on the choice of the customer. Other types of paan that can be relished here include fire paan, singara paan, zukham ka paan, khashi ka paan, chchalo ka paan, silver foiled paan, ice cream paan, milk paan and navratan 160 kimam masala paan.

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So if you are a paan lover, definitely include this shop on your Jaipur bucket list!








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