This Is What Uorfi Javed Thinks About Evolution In Career Options And We Agree!

Uorfi Javed is making headlines with her ‘Uncancellable’ behaviour.

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is What Uorfi Javed Thinks About Evolution In Career Options And We Agree!

Uorfi Javed is known for her fashion sense. Some might call it weird and some might call it a statement-wear but we think it is bold and fashionable. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, our anchor, Arohi Thatte, interviewed this fashionista. We delved into deep conversations about career options nowadays, which is, in the age of social media. Did you know that she started her new podcast called, Uncancellable? She named it aptly, to be honest!

Uorfi Javed Enlightened Us About Her Thoughts On Evolution In Career Options

They were relishing freshly made crispy potato twisters at Gaurav Sweets and Namkeen in Vile Parle and talking about the topic of moving to Mumbai for career options. Uorfi Javed told us that she has not yet acted in any films or TV series and this is yet to happen.

She also emphasised the fact that the world is riding high on social media. That is true, every little detail about the world, whether worthy of sharing or not, pops up on social media platforms.  Hence, there are endless possibilities and she said, “Multiple platforms have opened and hume bhi nahi pata kal ko aisa profession aa jaye jo bilkul hi unknown ho.”

Loosely translated, she said that there are various social media apps coming up and she doesn’t even know what kind of professions these new avenues will open up. She even went to ask Arohi if she ever thought of becoming a host for some show where she would eat and take interviews. 

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Lastly, she said that things are changing right now and there is no certainty towards anything. As a food and travel company that thrives on social media and the Internet, we completely agree with her! 

How Did Fashion Happen To Her?

uorfi javed
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When she enlightened us with her thoughts on career options, we were bound to ask how fashion as a career came into being for Uorfi Javed. She told us that she was extremely fashionable since childhood and it is not something that came to her suddenly.

She said, “Mujhe tha ki khayun-piyun voh baad mein, secondary hai. I should look good. Always!” Looks like she sticks to her words even after so many years. 

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