Uorfi Javed Is Fond Of Cooking And Loves Making Butter Chicken

Uorfi Javed can cook from butter chicken to mutton biryani!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Uorfi Javed Is Fond Of Cooking And Loves Making Butter Chicken

Uorfi Javed, the fashion icon who will make an outfit with anything and everything, came on this episode of Tere Gully Mein. She and our anchor, Arohi Thatte, went on to explore Mumbai’s Irla Market. We learned that she prefers to eat home-cooked food rather than junk food. Hence, she loves to cook butter chicken at home. We just know that Uorfi’s butter chicken is as pap-worthy as her dresses.

Uorfi Javed Told Us That She Loves To Prepare Butter Chicken

While we were on our way to Gaurav Sweets and Namkeen in Vile Parle, we asked Uorfi Javed whether she liked to cook. She told us that she loves to cook and her favourite food to eat at home is whatever she can prepare. She also mentioned that she cooks a lot and Butter Chicken is one of her favourite dishes to cook at home. Honestly, when are we going to taste that yummy butter chicken, Uorfi?

Then Uorfi Javed shared that she is a hardcore non-vegetarian and loves to relish mutton dishes. Her focus shifted from butter chicken to mutton pretty quickly. It reflects her love for mutton is greater than butter chicken.

So much so that she needs to have mutton every single day! She shared that she likes mutton biryani, mutton keema and everything mutton. Are you someone who is madly in love with mutton as much as Uorfi is?

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She Had This Naughty Thing To Say About Potato Twisters

Uorfi Javed
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Next on the list was to eat some freshly made potato twisters at Gaurav Sweets and Namkeen. Uorfi Javed didn’t know how to eat it so she asked Arohi if it was to be had hot right off the flame. Arohi nodded in a yes; Uorfi’s first bite was crunchy and she approved of this new dish. 

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Arohi was thinking about how to finish the whole potato twister on the stick. While our guest thought the same, what she said next left us in splits. Uorfi Javed said, “Not that you have not had things go in your mouth before!” She immediately stuck her tongue out and apologised for saying it. Honestly, we didn’t mind it, so chill!

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