This Is Why Flight Tickets Are Super Expensive Right Now!

by Sanmita A
This Is Why Flight Tickets Are Super Expensive Right Now!

Now that the pandemic has taken a backseat, people are finally coming forward to travel places, meet people and explore the world. However, what is currently bothering most people willing to go ahead and see the world is the soaring airline flight prices. People are looking for cheaper flights to move around like they used to pre-pandemic. But, some are even resorting to travel despite the high flight prices.

Demand Is Off The Charts, Airlines Authorities Tell

Airline authorities have said that there has been a rise in the demand for travelling, which will affect the price of tickets during the summer season. This high trending price is the same across all the placẹs in the world. And the average prices from a particular destination are five times what they used to be pre-pandemic.

There has also been an increase in the number of flight bookings much before the travelling dates to save costs and numerous reasons why tickets are priced so high; some do not concern the airlines.


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Skyrocketing Prices Of Fuel

The Russia-Ukrainian war has led to a steady rise in crude oil prices. Jet fuel prices have increased in most parts of the world, considering refining costs and taxes. Experts also say that most of Asia’s airlines are susceptible to increased fuel prices.

Spontaneous Travelling Post-Pandemic

Despite the high prices, a few travellers are still alright to be taking the high priced flights for their leisure trips. This is because they are more spontaneous and love to take on trips without thinking about the money. They have been stuck in their homes for over two years, and all they care about really is the travel and leisure.


The Lack of Staff And Pandemic Recovery

During the pandemic, the aviation industry suffered the most, leading to many losing their jobs. But, reportedly, many have found better career options and aren’t ready to return to the aviation sector yet. In addition, disrupted air schedules have taken place in many parts of the world due to insufficient staff. Also, the higher fares will allow the airlines to return to normalcy as they once were.

Experts say it is pretty unpredictable how things will turn out to be in the future. But it will be a ‘short phenomenon’, and they are confident that the prices will come to normal once again.

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