This Is Why Visas Are Getting Delayed For International Travel

by Shreya Ghosh
This Is Why Visas Are Getting Delayed For International Travel

Everything is changing everywhere except the struggle of getting visas. Instead, the duration of the process is elongating every other day and international travel is appearing to be a dream now. Things are coming back to normal and increasing our urges to travel to foreign lands. Well, it is a distant dream now with the hindrances of getting visas for international travel. A lot of factors and reasons are behind this extreme delay in getting visas.

Here’s Why Your Visas Are Getting Delayed For International Travel

Presently, there are not one or two factors obstructing the delay in getting a visa, instead, a lot of things are coming together for this. It is just not you and me who want to explore international travel destinations post-pandemic. The world is wanderlust and hence the demands are literally skyrocketing. Probably every other Indian who loves to travel is applying for visas, and it is resulting in this massive increase in demand.

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The Danish Embassy in India decided to suspend all the submission of visa applications and appointments for international travel as of now. As per a report of Moneycontrol, it is a temporary suspension and it will come to action for short-stay visas and residence permits. They had to take this step because of the insufficiency of staff and extreme surge in applications.

There Are Several Factors Delaying Your Visa

Currently, there is a shortage of embassy staff members going on. Along with this, the workload is increasing immensely because of this extreme rise in visa applications. All these are creating more pressure on workloads and the staff in the embassies are falling short to complete everything.

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In fact, stricter rules and protocols in the process of applying for and getting a visa are causing a huge gap and creating delays in getting your hands on the visa. Surprisingly, over 20,000 people from India are applying for visas every day and VFS Global noticed such a demand for travelling only before the pandemic at the highest seasons of tourism.