This Island In Brazil Is Welcoming Visitors Who’ve Had Covid-19

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
This Island In Brazil Is Welcoming Visitors Who’ve Had Covid-19

If turquoise waters, sun and sand are your idea of an ideal holiday, Brazil has it all! The Fernando de Noronha archipelago in Brazil is all set to welcome tourists from next week. However, there’s an unexpected catch, so wait before you jump in joy. Only travellers who have already had Covid-19 will we welcomed in this island.

Tourists Need A Positive PCR Test To Enter The Island

While a negative PCR test is one of the first things every country will ask travelers, Brazil has things turned around. Those visiting Fernando de Noronha must submit a positive PCR test. The test must be least 20 days old, or must be a test showing antibodies against Covid. The reason why the island is welcoming guests who have already had the disease remains unknown. On that note, Thailand To Remain Closed To Travellers Until 2021. 

The island closed in mid-March because of the pandemic. On July 31, it was reopened just for people with homes there and local researchers. Fernando de Noronha is home to a National Park, which was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Last year, the island received 106,000 tourists, 90% of whom were Brazilians.

This is not the first island to have a one-of-its-kind travel rule. Earlier, Phuket announced its reopening along with a weird condition. Here’s what you need to know if you’re visiting Phuket.

Phuket To Reopen For Tourism From 1 October

Phuket, the island which boasts Thailand’s most popular beaches, will reopen for international tourists from 1 October. However, visitors arriving in the country, must stay for a minimum of 30 days. Foreign tourists planning a trip to Thailand must directly fly into Phuket and must stay for at least 30 days. Those planning shorter trips will not be permitted to enter the country. And in case you do decide to spend 30 days in Thailand, here’s an itinerary that will help. 

As for the rules, tourists must submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival in Phuket. Following this, all travellers must adhere to a 14-day quarantine which they will spend in a private hotel room. Visitors will also be given access to ommon areas of the hotel’s property, and in some cases beach access. In addition, travellers will undergo two PCR tests post quarantine. Only if these tests come out negative will travelers be allowed to leave the hotel property and venture around Phuket.

Tourists who wish to leave Phuket and visit other islands in the country must undergo a third PCR test performed during the third week of their visit. In order to ensure the pilot testing is successful, the hotel staff are also asked to stay in the hotel, to avoid being carriers of the virus. On that note, a Stranded Couple In Thailand Is Now Fostering 10 Dogs.