This Land In India Is  A Natural Trampoline

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Land In India Is  A Natural Trampoline

You must have visited parks which have trampolines installed for you to jump and have fun. Trampolines are nowhere restricted to age, everybody loves it. But imagine a land which is a natural trampoline. No we are not talking about any cartoon tv show or fictional idea. A natural trampoline does exist and that too in India. The land of Jaljali in Chhattisgarh is blessed with a land which is a natural trampoline. 

Natural Trampoline In Chhattisgarh

The widest waterfalls in the nation, caves, verdant forests, historic places, uncommon wildlife, elegantly bent temples, Buddhist sites, and plateaus on hills may all be found in Chhattisgarh. But these days people have found a new reason to visit Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh’s Jaljali land is experiencing a very rare phenomenon where a part of the ground has become bouncy and feels like a trampoline. You can simply jump there and experience this natural trampoline and it simply feels surreal. The Youtube is flooded with videos taken by tourists who visited the ‘Hilti Dharti’ area in Jaljali to experience this natural phenomenon. You can see people jumping on the ground and verifying the truth of ‘Hilti Dharti’ with so much excitement. 

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Natural Trampoline Is A Rare Occurrence 

People who visited the places or the ones who heard about it are trying to understand the occurrence of this natural trampoline. The Daily Mail claims that this is the result of “soil liquefaction,” an uncommon occurrence in which saturated soil significantly loses strength and stiffness in reaction to applied stress, such as shaking during an earthquake. A man found holes near the trampoline with water inside and said that the water beneath the land and the grass is what gave birth to this natural trampoline. People have many various assumptions related to this phenomenon but until we know what the reason is exactly, you can go and have a jump!

Pic credits: Tripoto

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