This McDonald’s Customer Was Fined ₹10,000 For Eating Too Slowly

by Sanjana Shenoy
This McDonald’s Customer Was Fined ₹10,000 For Eating Too Slowly

McDonald’s is often loved across the globe for its lip-smacking burgers, crispy fries and snackable chicken nuggets sold at budget-friendly prices. But did you know a McDonald’s customer was recently fined a whopping ₹10,000 for eating too slowly? While he relished his meal to the t, the customer was shocked about what happened next.

McDonald’s Customer Paid ₹10,000 As Parking Ticket

According to  CambridgeshireLive, Shapour Meftah went to a McDonald’s outlet nestled on Newmarket Road in Cambridge. He parked his car in the parking spot of the fast-food outlet. The man went ahead and had a wonderful meal with his brother in McD. They gorged on the signature meaty burgers, crispy fries and washed their meal down with cold drinks. All was well until they reached home.

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Later, Shapour Meftah started receiving penalty notices from McDonald’s, a private parking company, and UK Parking Control. Apparently, the customer parked his car in the fast-food outlet for way too long. Calling it “parking from hell” the customer was charged parking tickets worth a whopping ₹10,000. He called it the most expensive McDonald’s meal and we agree. The parking tickets were for two visits on January 4 and January 6, 2023.

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Not A Happy Meal!

Meftah revealed that McDonald’s didn’t have any sign that stated that one couldn’t park their vehicle for more than 90 minutes. So, he spent a leisure time, enjoying every bite of his meal, possibly even eating slowly while catching up with his brother. He stated to CambridgeshireLive that he didn’t want to rush his meal as they also ordered a lot of food. Well, this ended up being a super expensive meal. Imagine paying ₹10,000 for a McDonald’s meal. This is not a “happy meal” rather an unhappy meal for the poor customer who paid a hefty price for just savouring his meal leisurely.

Have you ever faced such a situation where you shelled out a bomb for a restaurant’s parking space?  Moreover, did you ever pay a hefty price for eating your meal slowly? Let us know about your experiences.

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