Aaswad Upahar’s Misal Pav From Mumbai Was Declared The World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish

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Aaswad Upahar’s Misal Pav From Mumbai Was Declared The World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish

Misal pav is a very popular breakfast, snack, and meal from Maharashtra. The dish is topped with onions, farsan, lemon and coriander. It is served with pav or bread. Some restaurants serve buttermilk or curd and papad with misal pav. And no matter how many misal pav eateries are there in Mumbai, Aaswad Upahar’s Misal Pav tops the list. Head to this eatery in Mumbai that serves World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish.

Crowned As World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish

Misal Pav
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Located opposite Shiv Sena Bhavan, Dadar West, Mumbai, they have been serving authentic Maharashtrian delicacies since 1986 at an affordable price. In 2015, at the Foodie Hub awards in London, Aaswad Upahar’s Misal Pav was named the World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish. The misal won because the spices used for the curry are entirely homemade and the farsan is of good quality. Aswad’s misal pav is known for its world-class misal pav but its menu offers a variety of Maharashtrian delicacies at an affordable price. You can try dishes like Pithale Bhaji Bhakri at ₹100, Kothimbir Vadi at ₹71, and Cocktail Utappa at ₹117. You can also indulge in authentic Maharashtrian sweets as well like Kharwas at just ₹75, and the famous Basundi at ₹80. They serve authentic South Indian dishes as well.

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Head to Aaswad Upahar in Dadar to gorge on World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish which is Misal Pav.


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Try Authentic Matka Tandoori Misal At Misal Hub in Mumbai

Missal hub is located at Om Shrushti CHS, Sector 4 of Sanpada, Navi Mumbai near Vivekanad back gate. This food joint is famous for its Matka tandoori misal which cost just ₹105, an affordable price. The misal is served pipping hot in a clay pot with hot coal and ghee to give a tandoori flavour. This unique dish comes with a sweet dish.

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