This Place In Dubai Serves Curly Laban Fries

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    X Burger located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is known for its quirky food. Similarly, they serve Curly Laban Fries. 

    What Is It?

    This place is probably one of the most Instagrammable foods in Dubai. We have all heard of cheesy fries, but how about laban fires? Buttermilk is known as Laban the Middle East and X Burger creates a unique dish out of it.

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    What Else?

    While you are there you should also try the Cheetos Amreki which is Mac and cheese loaded with flaming hot Cheetos, served in a small bucket. They also serve dynamite shrimp & when you see its presentation it will surely blow your mind. The dynamite shrimp is placed around an ice cream come in a plate. And if you are in for something sweet then you should try the Nutella Block Toast which is filled with surprises. 

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    Location:  Umm Suqeim and Abu Dhabi 
    AED 80 for two 
    12:00pm to 2:00am

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    Dhruv Maniar
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