This Pune Restaurant Offers An Unlimited Indian Thali At Just ₹400

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 193

Pune, a city in Maharashtra portrays the rich Maratha culture. Along with various tourist attractions, Pune is also famous for its authentic Maharashtrian food. Pune has a restaurant named Sukanta that serves unlimited vegetarian thalis. It is apparently a very popular dining restaurant in Pune that serves utter Indian cuisines. Sukanta has a little unique payment service, so they charge on the basis of the number of persons. At the entrance only they ask ‘how many people and according to that, they charge 400 bucks per person.

What’s On The Menu?

The thalli is a mix of Maharashtrian, Gujrati, and Rajasthani cuisines. As soon as you get inside, they serve you a welcome drink according to the season. For starters, they keep changing their menu, they have fritters, veg lollipops, samosas, etc. Three-four veggies are served which also keeps changing but the paneer butter masala is a constant. Sukanta serves a dal, curry, and dahi vadas too.

You can relish all these flavorful veggies with various flatbreads. A variety of flatbreads they serve include palak puris, jowar roti with ghee, bajra bhakri, and the standard chapatis. Not to miss on the mandates, the salad, the pickle, the dhokla’s, chutneys, papad. They also serve 2 varieties of rice comprising plain rice and authentic vegetarian pulao. Sukanta serves ample dishes which are fresh.

For deserts, they serve scrumptious delicacies. And those keep changing every day but Sukanta promises to give you your comfort food. After finishing your unlimited meal at Sukanta the staff comes up with a traditional water kettle and a bowl for handwash which is cool though.

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Is It A Must-Try?

Sukanta comes under Pune’s Legendary Restaurant list. It surely promises you to give a complete homely vibe along with the comfort food they serve. Some of their dishes are top-notch while some are ordinary items. Not a must-try outlet but is definitely an outlet you can hop on if you’re looking for home-style comfort food.

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Is The Price Worth It?

Yes, the price of the thali is worth it, as it is an unlimited thali that serves an abundance variety of Indian dishes.

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