This Street Food Vendor From Jaipur Dips Hand In Sizzling Hot Oil To Fry Chicken

jaipur vendor dips hand in oil
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 830

Street food vendors in India are no less than superheroes. Churning delicious, hot food at a quick pace for pocket-friendly prices they never fail to bring a smile to our faces. They experiment with their techniques, flavours and even styles of serving. From flying dosas to flying vada pavs, street food vendors have their own style that’s certainly awe-inspiring. Netizens were introduced to a street food vendor from Jaipur who had a unique style of preparing fried chicken. Read on to know more.

Vendor From Ali Chicken Center In Jaipur Dips Hand In Hot Oil  While Cooking

Flood vlogger who goes by the account, @nonvegfoodie uploaded a video of a street food vendor at Ali Chicken Center in Jaipur. In the video, the man dips his hands in sizzling hot oil, confidently takes out pieces of fried chicken, without a change in his expression. He seems to be unscathed by the boiling hot oil. The video goes on to show that the vendor places the fried chicken in a vessel and mixes it with various spices. The food vlogger wonders if his hands don’t get burned while frying chicken.

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The Internet Is Shocked By The Viral Video

The viral video garnered over 1.3 million, views, 41,000 likes and several comments. Social media users were left baffled by this video. While one commented that he dips his hands in water before preparing the chicken, and another commented that it’s amazing. Others questioned the hygiene levels at the street food joint since the man dips his hands in hot oil. Well, we’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions after watching the video. Meanwhile, here are top 10 things you must do in Jaipur. 

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