This Stunning Picture Of 4 Shades Of Blue Of Antarctic Ocean Is Stunning & Mesmerising The Netizens

by Shreya Rathod
This Stunning Picture Of 4 Shades Of Blue Of Antarctic Ocean Is Stunning & Mesmerising The Netizens

Nature is a wonder! And every day you can see the amazing trick it keeps playing. It will show you a different picture every time in different shades. Do you remember looking at the colours that formed after a ray of light was passed through the prism? We were taught that there are only seven colours. If you ask for anything in black colour, you will notice that the colour has different shades which you might not have known of! Nature has proved that there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. And we are still uncovering its secrets one by one. This gorgeous Twitter image of the Antarctic ocean is proof of this!

4 Shades Of Blue Of The Antarctic Ocean!

A Twitter user Amazing Astronomy has shared a beautiful picture of the Antarctic ocean. It shows a stunning collage of four shades of blue. You can see the ocean, sky and the ice-covered land of the continent. The image is captioned as ‘shades of blue captured in a single image’. Isn’t it stunning? Take a look at what the Netizens are tweeting about it.

Reactions Of Twitter Users

The comment section has been flooded with tweets like ‘breathtaking’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘perfect picture’, and their synonyms. But there is no mention of the photographer responsible for this perfection.

But one of the users mentioned him, take a look.

And another was a funny Titanic comment:

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But, one of them asked about the Antarctic Treaty and how it forbids anyone to explore the continent.

A user mentioned a fun fact about the blue colour. In ancient times, there was no mention of the colour because it rarely appeared in nature.

But referring to ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’, one user wrote that the sequel is short of forty-six shades.

Do you want to see 3383 different shades and colours in one image? Take a look:

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What are your thoughts about this image? Many people disagree that there are multiple shades of colours and for them ‘blue is just blue’. While some can identify ten different shades of a particular colour. What about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @MAstronomers/ Twitter