This Unique Chai From Bangladesh Is Prepared With Dragon Fruit. Ummm!

by Vinita Jain
This Unique Chai From Bangladesh Is Prepared With Dragon Fruit. Ummm!

Indians are obsessed with chai and it’s no exaggeration. Countless Indians swear by freshly brewed tea with milk and sugar. Some might like it with ‘adrak’ ( ginger). While others may prefer it with ‘elaichi’ (cardamom). But how about fruit in your cup of tea? Yes, a food blogger from Bangladesh recently shared a weird concoction of dragon fruit in chai, piquing Netizens’ curiosity.

A Hot Cup Of Dragon Fruit Tea

Popular food blogger @thegreatindianfoodie shared this quirky video. He captioned it as “Pink Dragon Fruit waali chai! Ye interesting reel aapke liye all the way from Bangladesh” (Pink Dragon Fruit chai. This interesting reel is for you all the way from Bangladesh). Since this video was shared, it garnered over 120k views and 2659 likes.

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The video showed a street food vendor mixing dragon fruit extract in brewing tea. To this, he adds a spoonful of condensed milk. Next, he gives it a good stir and serves a hot cup of freshly brewed Pink Dragon Fruit Tea.

How Did Netizens React To This?

Netizens gave mixed responses to the cup of dragon fruit tea. Some felt that this strange creation has unnecessarily altered the original chai recipe. Others thought that this dragon fruit tea was really fruity and delicious. So, it’s not a bad idea after all.

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One user commented “bhai kya maaza aata h aise chai piine main”. Another commented, “Mar do bhai logo ko pata nahe kon se creativity chal rahe hai”. While a third stated, “This is wow”.

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Well, quirky chai concoctions seem to have no end. Recently a video of rasgulla chai from Kolkata also went viral. Soft, spongy rasgullas were dipped in a kulhad chai. This video also left netizens in splits. What do you think about this Dragon Fruit Chai? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover image courtesy: thegreatindianfoodie Instagram