This Viral Paneer Ice Cream Is A Must-Have This Summer. Check Out The Recipe!

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Viral Paneer Ice Cream Is A Must-Have This Summer. Check Out The Recipe!

We desis love our paneer. And there is no dearth of innovative recipes to use cottage cheese with panache. From paneer tikka, palak paneer, paneer bhurji to even paneer kheer, the crumbly, decadent texture makes it a versatile ingredient — versatile enough to turn it into ice cream. Yes, we’re talking about the viral Paneer Ice Cream that’s left Netizens curious.

Viral Paneer Ice Cream Takes Over TikTok

A high-protein, Cottage Cheese Ice Cream AKA Paneer Ice Cream has taken over the world of TikTok. TikTokers are whipping up different Paneer Ice Creams, tasting and sharing their opinions about them. Many of the recipes add maple syrup for sweetness, frozen fruits for fruitiness and even chocolate chips for chocoholics.


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A staple in many households, it seems like an interesting idea to repurpose paneer. While we’ve heard of paneer halwa and even paneer kheer (don’t know what it tastes like), Paneer Ice Cream seems like an interesting dessert especially to beat the scorching summer heat. Cottage cheese is an ingredient which replaces cream in the dessert and packs it with protein. Let’s get to the recipe.

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Check Out This Recipe!

So, we have a simple Cottage Cheese Ice Cream recipe curated by Arman Liew in his food blog, The Big Man’s World. this recipe uses just three simple ingredients. You can zhuzh it up with other sweet flavourings like crumbled cookies and even peanut butter. But check out this recipe first.

2 cups paneer
2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
1 cup frozen fruit (optional)


First, add paneer and honey to your food processor or blender. Next, blend it until the concoction turns smooth. Next, and frozen fruit (if you’re using it) into the food processor and blend it once more. Then, transfer the paneer ice cream mixture into a flat pan and freeze it for an hour or until it’s frozen.

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Then, remove the pan and let the ice cream sit at room temperature so it turns creamy and doesn’t have the icicle texture. After 10 minutes of sitting at room temperature, you can scoop the ice cream and serve it.

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Ice Cream lovers and paneer lovers, what do you think about this unusual viral dish? are you all set to give it a go? We certainly are!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva