This Wearable Tech Will Help You Feel The Virtual Reality And Not Just See It

by Deeplata Garde
This Wearable Tech Will Help You Feel The Virtual Reality And Not Just See It

GITEX GLOBAL is a hub for all tech lovers. Apart from a slew of cool stuff that attracts a huge crowd to this event one addition is making it more interesting. With this new toy on the block, you can feel virtual reality. Don’t believe us? Wear these gloves and find the truth about wearable tech yourself.

What Is This Wearable Tech And Where To Find It?

A set of VR glasses and a pair of robotic gloves can be found on the futuristic e& stand in Zabeel Hall 6. When wearing it, the wearer might begin to see and feel all that is present in the virtual world.

A continuous motion of hands after putting on the gloves will help the procedure to get complete. They are specifically prepared to use wearable technology. In the virtual world, anything is conceivable, from picking up a coffee cup to picking up a ball to clicking a button.

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The house-stimulating boots are another amazing wearable technology on display at Gitex. The boots are made of lightweight carbon fibre. They have various sensors and motors installed so the wearer can experience what it’s like to walk on solid ground. The boots will only function on the specially created ground. It has an intense LED light running throughout it. In the beginning, the bulky boots were meant to be VR motion devices that let users walk across gaming and metaverse environments.

Virtual Reality At GITEX GLOBAL

At the present Gitex Global in Dubai, the telecom behemoth e& is inviting guests to its virtual world, e& Universe. Through the platform’s rollout, the organisation will be able to digitally welcome guests and give them access to both the physical and digital worlds.

The group’s transition to the metaverse represents its entry into the newest digital territory as it works to create and introduce technological solutions that provide more immersive interactive experiences.

Similarly, there are many pavilions and booths where you can learn about Virtual reality at GITEX GLOBAL.

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