This Week’s Top 5 Stories On Curly Tales

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
This Week’s Top 5 Stories On Curly Tales

Here are the top stories of the week!

1. Have a long haul at the Dubai International Airport? Worry not! From private sleeping pods to cozy cabins and lavish hotel rooms, there a number of ways you can catch up on all the lost sleep.

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2. Most women of my age are married, have babies and are striving hard to strike a perfect balance between their own aspirations and the world’s expectations. Kamiya Jani, is no different. Despite being married for 8 years and having a 5-year old daughter, Kamiya travels the world. Here’s how she does it.

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3. Gorge on 100 varieties of whole wheat parathas for breakfast, lunch and dinner without breaking your bank. If you’re smiling, you need to head to Paratha King right now!

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4. Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet and Le BHV Marais are stepping into the Dubai Food Fest with their own little Street Food Fair and it’s FREE!

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5. The Mohamed Bin Rashid Library aims to be the largest Arab world library .This huge one million square feet Library, will be breaking three world records and will also support specialized collections of the latest and most distinguished books for readers of various ages and interests.

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