This Woman TC Has Collected A Total Fine Of ₹1.03 Crore In The Financial Year 2022-23!

by Shreya Rathod
This Woman TC Has Collected A Total Fine Of ₹1.03 Crore In The Financial Year 2022-23!

There has been a time in everyone’s life when you were travelling without a ticket and were caught by the ticket checker (TC) and had to pay a fine for it. Well, using any public service — that has a specified charge— for free will lead you to pay such fines. Though we are not fond of paying fines, the ticket checker has to ensure that no one travels by train for free. And this Chief Ticket Inspector is performing a phenomenal job in collecting fines! Even the Ministry of Railways is applauding her.

Chief Ticket Inspector On Duty!

The Ministry of Railways has posted a tweet about a ticket checker of the Southern Railways and applauded her for doing her duty with dedication. Mrs Rosaline Arokia Mary is the Chief Ticket Inspector (CTI) at the Southern Railways. She has made her notable contribution to the Railway department by collecting a total fine of ₹1.03 crore from non-ticketed travellers. Moreover, she is the first female ticket inspector to collect the highest fine! The Ministry of Railways has praised her for showing commitment towards her duties and ensuring that bonafide ticket holders are subjected to a comfortable journey.

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A person has even commented that Mumbai needs dedicated officers like her, especially for the First Class Ladies’ compartment. The user has also expressed her frustration over how unauthorised passengers travel to enter the first class and requested for Mrs Rosaline Arokia Mary to be transferred to Mumbai.

Why Are People Fined?

Just like every other service, public or private, Indian Railways have certain rules that you need to follow. And one of them is travelling with a ticket. Despite innumerable announcements made by the railway department to buy a ticket before boarding the train, people blissfully ignore the warning. But why buy a ticket for travelling by public transport? Well, by buying the ticket, you are contributing to the government’s treasure. This money will be used for regular servicing of trains and other public transport systems alike. Moreover, these tickets start from ₹5 per ride!

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Therefore, TCs collect fines to ensure you are contributing your bit and abiding by the rules.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railways/ Twitter