Three Flacons Were Spotted On A FlyDubai Flight To Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 540

FlyDubai had a very rare group of passengers onboard their flight. You might have seen falcons in Dubai or the desert, but have you ever travelled with them?

Last month, a fly Dubai flight from Tajikistan to Dubai, had three falcons onboard. While most UAE carriers permit these feathery friends on their flights, it still is a rarity to spot them.

One of the passengers onboard the plane, took a video of the falcons aboard and it has garnered 2 million views, taking the internet by storm. Here’s the video:

The passenger also gave us a report of what his flight with the falcons was like and we’re pretty impressed! Maybe we should consider going on a trip with falcons?

A group of people even wished they were on the flight to enjoy company of the falcons.

And now the haters! Like for anything, this video also had a group of people bashing it: