Three Joints for Iftar Feasting at Mohammad Ali Road

by Kamiya Jani
Three Joints for Iftar Feasting at Mohammad Ali Road

Grand Feast

The month of Ramzan is all about fasting and prayers but if you love food, all roads lead to Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai.

Noor Mohammadi Hotel


Noor Mohammadi Hotel

A gem when it comes to authentic Ramadan feast, Noor Mohammadi Hotel is known for its delicacies. Visit this place for its Chicken Hakimi kebabs.



chinese & grill



Chinese & Grill

Often visited by celebrities not for its Chinese food but its Nalli Nihari, Kalefji Masala, Mutton chops & Paya soup. Drop by one of these days to try it out!


Suleiman Usmaan

And if you wish to dip into creamy firnis or malpua with eggs beaten into it, make your way Suleiman Usmaan.




Street Food

If it’s only good food is on the top of your mind and don’t care much about large crowds, every nook & corner of Mohd Ali road has an interesting dish to offer.

Sneak Peak of the Same!


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