Throwback: Kabab At ₹3.50, Kheema At ₹7 & Zakir Hussain; Mumbai’s Noor Mohammadi Is Now 100 YO

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Throwback: Kabab At ₹3.50, Kheema At ₹7 & Zakir Hussain; Mumbai’s Noor Mohammadi Is Now 100 YO

When you talk about delicious Chicken Hakimi, Nalli Nihari, and Chicken Sanju Baba, I am sure only one name comes to mind— The Noor Mohammadi Hotel. It is one of the most renowned restaurants in Mumbai, located on Mohammad Ali Road. This restaurant is completing 100 years of serving delicious, lip-smacking dishes. At this moment, a Twitter user shared a picture from the past, and we were shocked to compare the prices. 

Noor Mohammadi Hotel Completes 100 Years

A Twitter page that generally compares Mumbai’s scenario with its past, @mumnowandthen, shared a now-and-then picture of Mumbai’s Noor Mohammadi Hotel. 

In the picture on the left, you can see tabla maestro Zakir Hussain getting his hands on the restaurant’s delicious dishes. He looks extremely happy as he relishes these dishes while someone clicks a picture.

Taking a closer look at the picture, you can spot the menu of the restaurant back then. I am sure you too will be astonished to see dishes starting at just ₹2. Kheema was served for just ₹7 while you could relish an entire serving of Shami Kabab for just ₹3.50. We surely cannot believe our eyes!

From Sanjay Dutt To MF Hussain

The Noor Mohammadi Hotel is not only famous on Mohammad Ali Road for the general public in Mumbai but even for celebrities. Apart from the famous tabla maestro, the restaurant has also served many Bollywood celebrities. 

Chicken Sanju Baba is the signature dish of this restaurant. The recipe for this dish was given to the restaurant owner by actor Sanjay Dutt himself many years ago. The restaurant’s walls still boast the beautiful painting of a rooster that MF Hussain had made for the restaurant years ago. 

This 100-year-old restaurant serves the best Mughlai food in the city, and patrons are in love with it. The old-world charm, traditional recipes, and humble staff are what make this restaurant everyone’s favourite forever. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @mumnowandthen/Twitter and Zomato