This Watermelon Ice Cream Should Be An Example Of How To Not Make Watermelon Ice Cream

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Watermelon Ice Cream Should Be An Example Of How To Not Make Watermelon Ice Cream

There is probably no end to two things in the world: one is people’s imagination, and the other is weird food combinations. The trends in food combinations have shifted from cheese and mayonnaise to ice cream now. A Twitter user shared a very weird combination of watermelon ice cream, and we were shocked. It is an example of how one should not eat watermelon and ice cream. 

Twitter User Shares Video Of Watermelon Ice Cream 

Twitter user @MFuturewala shared a video of a weird watermelon ice cream. In the video, a man cuts a watermelon in half and uses one of the halves to create this disaster. He scoops some watermelon out, creating a hollow space in it. He fills that space with ice shavings, adds red syrup, and again sandwiches it with ice shavings. 

The seller then places three scoops of each flavour of ice cream. Then he pours three types of syrup on it and adds a whitish liquid to it. Netizens feel it might be melted vanilla ice cream. He then garnishes this dish with loads of nuts, tutti frutti, and chocolates. 

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Netizens Are Divided On This Food Trend

This video of watermelon ice cream by @MFuturewala has garnered about 40.3K views on Twitter. He uploaded the video on Twitter with a very sarcastic caption in which he speaks about being disappointed that the seller did not add mayo and cheese. This is because, as we all know, every food trend these days has these two ingredients in common. 

He mentioned the place in the video, which is Chakachak Ice Point-Shela, Ahmedabad. People were sure in the comments that the place selling this food trend is in Gujarat. Netizens were divided in their opinions on this food trend. 

Many people said that they have had similar dishes in Gujarat and have loved them. But there were also some of them who criticised this weird food combination. One of the users wrote that the seller probably missed adding hot tempering and garam masala to the dish, as that is all that is missing. 

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What are your views on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: @MFuturewala/Twitter