Ticketless Vande Bharat Passenger Lights Up A Cigarette In Toilet. Train Halted, Man Detained

by Shreya Ghosh
Ticketless Vande Bharat Passenger Lights Up A Cigarette In Toilet. Train Halted, Man Detained

Vande Bharat Express makes headlines every other day. Be it for launching a new train or passenger experiences or unfortunate incidents, the train is talked about frequently. This time, something quite bizarre happened during a journey. A man boarded the train without a ticket and ended up lighting a cigarette inside the train toilet. A lot of things followed that he could not have even imagined before.

Ticketless Passenger Smoked Inside Vande Bharat Toilet

Vande Bharat
Picture credit- Canva

The express train was travelling to Secunderabad from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday. In the middle of the journey, a passenger with no ticket went inside the train and rushed to the washroom. An official from South Central Railway (SCR) Zone’s Vijayawada Division stated that this man locked himself in the toilet of the Tirupati-Secunderabad Vande Bharat Express’s C-13 coach, according to a report by NDTV. He lit a cigarette and smoked it inside. This led to a lot of chaos en route, leaving passengers anxious.

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As soon as some smoke was detected, the fire alarms went on ringing and alerted everyone. The official shared how the automatic fire extinguisher got activated and sprayed aerosol there as well.

Here’s What Happened Next With The Ticketless Man:

Vande Bharat
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The loco pilot informed the staff about smoke detection. As passengers came to know about the smoke, some informed the guard about it. They later got to know that the reason behind the smoke and ringing of fire alarms was the ticketless man smoking inside the toilet. In fact, the train had to come at a pause near the Manubulu station in Andhra Pradesh due to the incident, according to the NDTV report. Railway police staff soon reached the place and started working so that passengers do not suffer from any problems due to the smoke.

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The staff soon broke the window pane of that toilet with a fire extinguisher. Later, the unauthorised passenger was detained at Nellore so that the authorities can take action against him. The train began its journey right after. Well, a drag inside the Vande Bharat Express toilet cost this ticketless passenger a lot ultimately.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Canva