Travelling In The Summer Heat? Take These Precautions!

by Akriti Seth
Travelling In The Summer Heat? Take These Precautions!

Summer is already here and so is the summer heat. Do you know what the equation for summers in India is? Well it is;
Summer = Extreme heat + Sweat + Dehydration + Sunstroke

Travelling in Summers is just like walking across on a heated pan and getting roasted. Well, at least in our country and that’s one reason why we all start preferring higher altitudes during this time.

With the following tips we have for you for travelling this Summer, we won’t let the equation stay the same for you anymore.

It is going to be;
Summer = Extreme heat + Fun + Travel + Health

1. Summer Essentials

Let’s start with the ‘Must Haves’ of your Summer travel because you just cannot miss these.

  • Pair of Sunglasses: Get a high quality sunglass because not only does it make your pictures better but also protects your eyes.
  • Handkerchief: Tissues don’t quite work so great as they crumble in the heat. So a good ol’ handkerchief is quite handy to wipe off that access sweat from your forehead for a good selfie.
  • Cap/Hat: A good cap protects both your face and head from the intense Indian heat and saves you from heat strokes.
  • Sunscreen: You will really need something to protect your skin from getting sunburnt as the heat in India is just intense. Get a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30 and you are sorted for your summer travel in the land of spices.
  • Hand Fan: This will certainly be a rescuer for you if you are in a train or a bus or just waiting for one. You can get them easily in any street side shops.

Summer Essentials

2. Clothes To Pack

Summers call in for lightweight and light-colored clothing. While packing make sure you pack clothes that allow air to circulate against the skin. Prefer longer sleeves and you know what? White cotton clothes when travelling in India are the best because washing them clean is secondary, what is important is that you are comfortable in them in all your hours of travel.

Summer Clothing

3. Save Yourself From Stomach Trouble

This is a very simple precaution you must take for a healthier stay at your vacation spot. Correct food choices while travelling can make a lot of difference.

  • Avoid cut and peeled roadside fruits, raw veggies and meat as they are pre-exposed to flies.
  • Vegetable and chicken salads are better avoided unless the place is very hygienic and serves them fresh.
  • Always carry some instant energy source to avoid weakness.
  • Also be regular with your multivitamins as you lose a lot of minerals from your body while you sweat.

4. Drink Up And Stay Hydrated

We lose a lot of water just by sweating so keep drinking fluids to avoid dehydration. Water is the best option and don’t forget to carry packets of ORS with you. You can get them at any medical or general store.

5. Plan Your Travel Well

You know what else can you do to make your Summer vacation better? Well, keep these little things in mind while you travel and you are sorted.

  • Make sure you know what the weather will be like where you are headed to, from mediums like, etc.
  • Time your sight-seeing experience; Early mornings are less hot and late evenings are usually breezy making them most productive and enjoyable. Check out for evening discounts and extended hours to get even more out of the twilight hours each day.
  • By clustering your activities in one location, you can avoid long, hot and time consuming walks or subway and bus rides from one place to another.
  • “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream.”
    Eat some ice-cream, you can lower your core temperature by eating an ice-cream as it brings the cold way down into our bellies and it always tastes so GOOD.

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