Top 10 Countries That Provide Visa On Arrival For Indian Passport Holders

by Mrunal Mahajan
by Mrunal Mahajan 6076

Firstly, let me just say that planning a trip takes a lot of energy and patience and if you are planning a trip with an entire group you will have to manage everyone’s budget, they all need to like the place, the resort should be agreed upon by everyone and it will just take you a week to agree upon the destination. But one less thing you have to worry about if you go for a vacation to these places is the visa hassle. These countries have a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders! But before you get too excited, you will need documents for visa on arrival as well. Here are some details you should not miss out!

1. Seychelles
Seychelles is one of the countries that offers visa on arrival facility for Indian passport holders. It is not a very popular destination but since it is secluded it has some amazing beaches which are very clean and untouched. Visa on Arrival is given to Indian citizens for a period of 30 days.
Documents Required- A passport, photocopy of the travel ticket and financial statement and minimum of ₹ 10,330.13 should be in your account to sustain in the country.
Here is a video that will help you explore Seychelles!

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Thailand also allows Indians the visa on arrival facility but only for 15 days, so plan a short vacation to the beautiful country of Thailand.
Documents Required- A passport is the most important document and it should be valid of at least 6 months, carry two recently clicked colour photographs, return ticket, hotel bookings and financial proof!
Visa Fees-For tourist visa (single visit) for 60 days duration the fee is ₹ 2,500. The application fee varies depending on the type of visa required.

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Indians can get a visa on arrival in Cambodia. The price for a visa will change depending on the type of your visa.  
Documents Required-
A valid passport, financial statement, tickets to Cambodia and stay details are required when you reach the airport. 
Visa Fees- The tourist visa fees for Indians is ₹ 1,387.88

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4. Jordan
Like all other countries, Jordon also allows a 30-day visa on arrival for Indians.
Documents Required- A valid passport, photographs, necessary documents like proof of stay, return ticket and depending on visa type for example if you are taking a business trip you will require a cover letter from the company and your accommodation details.
Visa Fees- The visa will cost you ₹ 1,387.05 and this is for a 30 day stay in Cambodia for Indian citizens
The duration of Stay in Cambodia cannot exceed 30 days for Indian citizens.

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5. Kenya
Visa on arrival is available for Indian citizens at the airport on the payments of  ₹ 3,467.92 (the payments might vary if their security terms are changed).
Documents Required- A valid passport, photographs, travel itinerary, Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, Polio (OPV) Certificate, hotel books and also plane ticket details. For those travelling for a business trip, you will be required to carry a letter from your company stating the reason for your visit, a letter signed by the company in Kenya approving the status of your arrival, a financial statement which will be a proof of sufficient funds and all the other mandatory documents.
Visa Fees- Tourist Single Entry- ₹ 3,467.92
Multiple Entry:  ₹ 6,000

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6. Indonesia
Tourism in Indonesia, particularly in Bali has bloomed in the recent past and one of the reasons is the easily available visa, cheaper stay options, the beautiful island and Bali has some of the world’s cleanest beaches with crystal clear water! Here are a few things you must keep ready to avail of the visa on arrival facility.
Documents Required- Passport with 6 months validity and one-two pages blank for the stamp, proof of hotel stay, return ticket, financial records and enough funds t0 sustain your visit.
Visa Fees- The Visa On Arrival Fees for Indians is ₹2,517 for a stay between 30-60 days. Note that this is only for tourists and not for any work-related visa. If your stay is less than 30 days, you will not be required to pay any money, just the document verification will be done.

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7. Nepal
Indian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Nepal although, you will be required to carry all the standard documents to enter Nepal.
Documents Required- You will be required a valid passport (active for at least 6 months) and an election card, Aadhar card, pan card or any such documents for identity purposes.
Application Fees- Since there is no requirement for a visa with an Indian passport there will be no visa fees. Tourists from other countries will be required to pay $ 25 for 15 days which will allow multiple entries into the country.

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8. Maldives
The Maldives is like a paradise, spending your vacation here is definitely on my bucket list! Even though I have heard that the Maldives is very expensive, here is a video that will help you fin some cheap stay options here!

Apart from being the best place for a holiday, it is also one of the easiest places to get a visa. Indian Nationals do not require a visa, they are allowed to visit the Maldives as a tourist for free for 90 days. You can get a free visa on your arrival at Male Airport. You will only be required to show your passport and some identification maybe carry an Aadhar card, pan card or election card.

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9. Mauritius
There is no visa requirement for Mauritius and you are just required to get your passport stamped once you land on the airport. This will be valid for 60 days and multiple entries inside the country are permitted.

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Here you can do a lot of things, the most famous thing is to watch huge whales and dolphins. Mauritius is also a great place to see turtles, clean beaches and great cuisine. 
Documents Required-
A valid passport, proof of stay, round trip ticket and also proof of financial statements (enough funds to sustain in the country)

 10. Bhutan
Bhutan is one of India’s neighbouring countries like Nepal. They provide visa on arrival facility to citizens with Indian Nationality. They only ask for your valid passport and voter’s ID as proof and not your Aadhar card or PAN card.

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Here are the rest of the countries that will provide visa on arrival to Indians. El Salvador, Haiti, Vanuatu, Grenada, Madagascar, Comoros, Dominica, Micronesia, Saint Lucia, Tuvalu, Fiji, Hong Kong, Iraq, Mozambique, Laos, Timor Leste, Uganda, Guinea-Bissau, Nicaragua, Montserrat, Trinidad & Tobago, Palau, Nieu, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Montserrat, Palau,Turks & Caicos, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Samoa, Tuvalu, Cook Islands,British Virgin Islands, St Lucia, Ecuador, Guyana and all the European countries need a pre-approved visa.

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