What To Pack For A Trip To Madagascar 

by Pavitra Parekh
What To Pack For A Trip To Madagascar 

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Remember the movie Madagascar? There was a reason King Julian liked to ‘Move It, Move It’ in Madgascar. 

Why We Love Madagascar?

Have you ever wondered how Earth looked before it was wrecked by man? We’d say the closest you’d ever get to living your dreams is Madagascar. Located off the southeast coast of Africa, this gorgeous island nation is beautifully diverse. there are vast areas of the country that still remain unexplored and uninhabited. The country is everything an outdoor enthusiast can dream of. From trekking to water sports to chilling in the wild – Madagascar is like a one stop shop. There’s plenty and more to do here and we’re here to prepare you for everything awesome. 

1. Sport Shoes Since There Are Ample Places To Trek 

Madagascar is not for the weak-hearted. Think of it as a holiday destination where you really get to rough it out. This is not going to be your easy, lounging on beach chairs sipping margaritas kind of break. In fact this country is known for its wildlife and a big part of their tourism revolves around the many national parks that have long trails for walking. You can even choose to trek through the rain-forests and the bamboo forests. Whatever you do decide, make sure you carry a sturdy pair of sports shoes. You cannot be flip flopping your way through these forests.


2. Bug Spray To Make Sure You Aren’t Covered In Bites After A Long Trek 

This was probably what I used most and what you’re definitely going to need if you don’t want to be covered in bug bites by the end of your trip. Finding well stocked general stores is not easy here so I’d suggest you carry a massive bottle and cover every patch of your skin in it. Also remember, there are a number of leeches in some of these forests which there really is no way to avoid. They somehow find their way onto your skin no matter how well you cover up. These aren’t painful and I’m not sure if bug spray really keeps them away, but hey, it puts me at peace. 

3. An Umbrella Because The Weather Is Unpredictable

So when I planned my trip to Madagascar the forecast assured me of clear skies and sunny days. However I was greeted by thunderstorms and persistent rainfall. The country apparently witnesses quite a few of these spells so its best to keep an umbrella handy. Remember Madagascar is still a very underdeveloped nation and this will be visible to you the minute your flight lands. We had to make a run from the aircraft to baggage claim and were drenched by the time we got there. So what I’m saying is keep an umbrella with you at all times.


4. A Torch Since Many Of The Streets Still Don’t Have Lamps

Yes, street lights are missing even in some of the big cities which can get pitch dark at night. I’d suggest you keep a torch if you’re venturing out in the dark or your phone is constantly going to be out of charge.


5. Binoculars To Get A Better Look At The Wildlife Specific To This Area

Known for its wildlife, although quite different from the African mainland, Madagascar is home to a whole variety of lemurs and a number of other small animals and insects that are found only here. So if you have picked Madagascar as your travel destination of choice, chances are that the wildlife promised has some part to play. Keep your binoculars handy to get a closer and clearer look.


6. Sunscreen Because Most Things To Do Will Involve Being Outdoors For Long Periods Of Time

Whether trekking in the forest, walking about the old town or lazing at the beach, you will need a big bottle of SPF to tackle the heat and sun rays. Really who needs painful sunburn on a holiday? 

7. Music For The Long Travel Within The Country

Ok so while we tend to club Madagascar with the other small islands in the Indian Ocean, remember its massive and travelling within the country generally involves really long car rides or flights. You are going to have to find something to do while getting from one place to another and for me the obvious choice was music. So don’t forget your earphones. 

8. Bikini

Let’s finally get to the beach and the part when Madagascar starts feeling like an island. The country has some of what are considered the best beaches in the world including the popular Nosy Be. You are going to want your bikini here for sure. What’s an island without at least a few lazy days on the beach right?

9. Food

Look, I’m all for trying out the local cuisine of a new place you visit but Madagascar proved really difficult. I’m sure this was in part because of the major communication gap but also the variety is extremely limited since tourism is not so big. I did enjoy some of the meals for sure, but there were days when i would’ve killed for a bowl of cup noodles. Remember you’re not going to find too many nice restaurants or cafes to eat in and I’d really advise you to pack some ready-to-eat food. You’ll thank me later.

Oh, and the one thing we didn’t mention – have a great time! We loved Madagascar and we can’t wait for you to explore it.

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