Top 10 Pasta Places In Dubai For 2020

by Angel Merchant
Top 10 Pasta Places In Dubai For 2020

We all love Italian food, that is one of the world’s many undisputed facts. The divine cuisine has insurmountably enriched our lives. Pizza, lasagne, risotto, garlic bread, these delicacies feel like the solution to all problems. But what about the core of all Italian foods, the king of them all? Pasta. Good old Italian Pasta. It is entirely possible to go to Italy and survive solely on pasta. And now you can do that, even in Dubai. There are a plethora of places in Dubai that serve heavenly pasta and we’ve put together a list of the top 10.

1. Basta

The name says it all! This restaurant is inspired by the celebrity gypsy chef David Myers, and is one of the two eateries he owns in Dubai. The chef is known for his travels across Italy, and reflects this in the ambiance of his restaurant. The menu offers dishes that are fusions of modern and traditional essences. Stone-baked pizza, handmade pasta, spaghetti, and boards of antipasti are some of the many dishes served at Basta.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Basta/Facebook

Location – Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai, Business Bay
Timings – 12 PM – 12 AM
Contact – 04 512 5522

2. Matto

When the restaurant’s name literally means crazy in Italian, you know you’re in for some fun. This funky spot has a flavourful variety of pastas, and is great for parties, romantic dinners, or last minute rendezvous. The place has a full time DJ, bright lights, and intriguing wall hangings all around. While it isn’t the typical red tablecloths, leaning tower of pizza paintings on the wall, and Italian music kind of place, it definitely is a place you will not regret going to.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Matto/Facebook

Location – The Oberoi Dubai, Business Bay,
Timings – 12 PM – 12 AM
Contact – 04 444 1335

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3. Ronda locatelli

This rustic restaurant is located in the iconic Atlantis, on the Palm Jumeirah. Owned by the highly acclaimed chef Giorgio Locatelli, the eatery has regal wooden interiors enhancing the dazzling ambiance. This rustic feel offers a warm and authentic environment to dine in. The menu offers 40 different types of pizzas, and over 30 different types of pastas. They also have a special vegan and vegetarian menu.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Ronda locatelli/facebook

Location – Atlantis, The Palm
Timings – 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Contact – 04 426 2626

4. BICE Mare

All the seafod lovers out there need to check this place out. You wont find too many basic pizzas, or pastas. Here, the menu offers seafood pastas, and other oceanic delicacies. Lobster meat is a favourite ingredient of this restaurant! You can check out their lobster and crab pastas, or their tasty anchovy pizzas.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: BICE mare/Facebook

Location – Souk Al Bahar
Timings – 12 PM – 11 PM
Contact – 04 423 0982

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5. Alici

Alici, meaning anchovy in english, has exquisite foods, and a picturesque view. Situated on the waterfront of bluewaters island, the gorgeous view of the endless blue is breathtaking. The cream interiors are elegant, and the service is engaging without being too obtrusive. Mainly specialising in seafood, the menu offers an extensive range of pastas, pizzas, and other Italian delicacies.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Alici/Facebook

Location – Bluewaters Island
Timings – 12 PM – 3:30 PM and 7 PM to 11:30 PM
Contact – 04 275 2577

6. Broccoli

Luscious and appetising pastas are not only found in fine dine restaurants. You can also have a tasty meal from the comfort of your own home. Broccoli, a casual dining  restaurant has multiple branches in the UAE, and the place is great for takeout. The menu offers a number of different types of pastas, risottos, lasagnes, pizzas and more. The ambiance gives off a very retro and rustic feel, and the service is flawless. And the best part is, its open 24 hours in the day! So if you ever feel like digging into a bowl of cheesy pasta in the middle of the night, just give broccoli a call!

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Broccoli/Facebook

Location – Barsha, uptown Mirdif, emirates hills, and more
Timings – 24 hours
Contact – 04 439 0305

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7. Buca Di Beppo

This restaurant is the perfect picturization of an eatery from Italy. Soft Italian music, red tablecloths, and beautiful Italian paintings, all welcome you when you come in. There is also a large gondola boat, a typical boat used in venice, placed right in the middle of the restaurant. A place to sit and eat is made in the middle of the boat, to recreate the exact feel of eating pasta in a gondola, as you sail on the resplendent waters of venice.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Buca Di Beppo/Facebook

Location – Dubai Festival Centre
Timings – 12 PM – 12 AM
Contact – 04 286 5057

8. Da Vinci’s

Once again, this restaurant is quite traditional with the red and white checkered tablecloths and authentic music playing in the background. There is even a facility where private rooms can be booked for up to 5 people. The place offers a variety of multiple types of pizzas and pastas, and is a haven for all Italian food lovers.

Top 10 Pasta spots in Dubai
Credits: Da Vinci’s/Facebook

Location – Millenium Hotel,
Timings – 12 PM – 12 AM
Contact – 04 702 8811

9. Vanellis

This fast food Italian joint serves deliciously fresh pasta. Its located in many food courts around Dubai, and is unique. Although it is fast food, the pasta is made in front of you, just the way you like it. You can choose the type of pasta, the toppings, the cheeses, spices and sauces. The joint also serves fresh slices of pizza, and lasagne.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: Vanellis/Facebook

Location – Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre, and more
Timings – 11 AM – 10 PM
Contact – 052 584 6939

10. GIA

This fancy spot offers a variety of Italian foods. From antipasti, to salads and grilled chicken, this is a great little Italian spot. The menu offers a variety of cheesy pizzas, tasty pastas, and other baked Italian goods.

Top 10 Pasta Spots in Dubai
Credits: GIA/Facebook

Location – Dubai Mall
Timings – 10 AM – 1 AM
Contact – 04 234 9986