Toronto Does Yoga In A Bubble To Practice Social Distancing

by Sanjana Shenoy
Toronto Does Yoga In A Bubble To Practice Social Distancing

Yoga Bubble pop-up in Toronto promises a great yoga experience, but with a difference. In order to maintain social distance when doing yoga, this all-new yoga experience in Toronto, Canada, lets you do yoga inside a personal bubble. Also, the bubble domes are 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide. So people can have enough space for their stretches. These bubbles help yoga lovers to practise yoga outdoors even under the stars while maintaining social distancing. When it comes to bubbles, Bali actually has a bubble hotel where people can spend a night under the stars. 

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Innovative Yoga Bubble Trend Started On July 21 In Toronto

This innovative trend started on June 21. This trend will continue to please yoga lovers until July 31. Organised by Lmnts Outdoor Studio, they made 50 bubbles available outdoors. It’s currently organized by Lake Ontario, on the grounds of Hotel X. Instructors lead the yoga sessions from a raised podium so participants can follow along. They also provide verbal instructions through an audio system. In Thailand, campers can stay in a see-through bubble tent surrounded by elephants. 

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There are video displays arranged around the area to help make sure everyone can see the instructor. The organisers are taking it a notch higher by holding evening classes at 10:30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday. So yoga lovers are given a different experience inside a bubble placed under the stars in Toronto.

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Bubbles Are Built To Provide Personal Space For Workouts

If one is concerned about safety then let us tell you, participants must sign up in advance and present a photo ID on entry. They’re also screened via no-contact temperature checks and enquired about any coronavirus symptoms before being allowed to enter the domes. These bubbles are built to provide personal space where one can work out in peace. If you love yoga, then there are 8 yoga retreats you must visit in India for a relaxing experience. 

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Of course, each bubble can only be occupied by one single person. And no one else is permitted inside one’s personal bubble. Not even family members and friends. It is also important to know that, people with symptoms of COVID-19 or who are generally unwell, shall not be permitted to occupy a bubble.

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Professional Cleaning Staff Sanitise Each Bubble Before & After Each Yoga Session

According to the event website, professional cleaning staff sanitise every dome before and after each session. Hand sanitiser is also available for class participants. The classes cost between $24 (₹1,791 approx) and $33 (₹2,462 approx) each, depending on how many people buy. They’re sold in a package of 3, 5, 7 or 20.

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The classes are BYOM — bring your own mat, water bottle, and towel. But the studio also sells those items as well as snacks and beverages. Participants are asked to hydrate since there’s a lot of sweating involved in the classes — depending on weather conditions, the domes create a warming greenhouse-like atmosphere. And when its safe to travel again, you can always explore Canada and even try yoga in your own little bubble here, in Toronto