Spend A Night Under The Stars At The Bubble Hotel, Bali

by Angel Srivastava
Spend A Night Under The Stars At The Bubble Hotel, Bali

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Spending a night under the stars on a beach is no longer a dream with the Bubble Hotel in Bali.

What’s it?

Well, one would think that there is nothing left to explore in an all year round tourist destination like Bali. But trust us when we say, you are wrong.

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Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

Imagine spending a night on a beach in Bali, while enjoying a spectacular view of the starry sky overhead, and lush greenery all around.

The Bubble Hotel in Bali lets you stay on a beach inside a Giant clear bubble, giving you a perfect view of the beach as well as the sky overhead. These bubbles come equipped with basic necessities such as a king-sized bed, toilet, shower, and electricity. There are around 4-5 bubbles, where each bubble has the maximum capacity of two people.

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Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

Where’s it?

The property is located in the south end of Bali in the Uluwatu area. The exact location of the bubbles is not specified by them due to security reasons. If informed in advance, the hotel can arrange transfer services for you as well.

Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

Once you reach the property, your luggage will be safely kept away and you’ll be led along a rocky path down the beach to where the bubbles are.

What’s more?

While there are other bubbles on the beach, they are all wee spaced and secluded.

Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

The bubble is blown up by a constant stream of air from a generator. Inside the bubble, you get a double bed and a small air conditioning unit. The bathroom is a 10m walk from the bubble in the jungle with an outdoor shower and toilet.

Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

Other amenities and services that are available at the Bubble Hotel on request include a campfire, barbecue, candles, treasure hunt, photoshoot, board games, hookah, outdoor games like frisbee, volleyball, and kite flying, romantic decorations, and much more!

Image Credits: Bubble Hotel Bali

You can lie on a hammock or sit on a chair and admire the jungle in Ubud, or you can just lie down at night inside the bubble and look at the stars

How much?

Sounds like an adventure, doesn’t it? You can book a bubble for a night at Rs 5,536 per night, from AirBnB.

Vacation goals, right?

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