Tourist’s “Zabardast” Reaction To Snow In Manali Is Cracking The Internet

Reaction to snow
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 718

India during winters is a sight to behold. Be it the snowclad mountains of Himachal, or the beautiful frozen dal lake in Srinagar- there’s something about winters that makes them so dear. And when we speak about winters and snow, destinations like Manali and Shimla always top our list. Now about Manali, a video on social media has gone viral and how. A man’s reaction to snow or ‘baraf’ is pure gold and is definitely bringing a smile on our face.

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The Selfie Video Of A Man In Manali Is Bring A Smile On Our Face 

The selfie video, which is cracking us up, begins with a man in red beanie purely enjoy the snow around him. There’s a lot of snow around him, and he clearly cannot keep calm about it. Being quite ecstatic about the baraf, he continues the video by saying, This is Manali’s Mall road’s snow,” he says while walking. His glee is obvious from his exclamations of “zabardast, zabardast baraf.” Check out the video right away.

Well, if you think that the video is all about baraf, then we must tell you that this man surely knows how to make the most of this zabardast weather. In the video, you also see him sipping some hot piping tea while enjoying the cold snow. He says, “Aur garam chai baraf ke sath.” As he enjoys his cup of tea, he then starts talking like a tea vendor and says,”Chai le lo mere bhai, baraf ke sath chai.” Then he yells “Yahi hai Manaliiii” and breaks into a broad smile.

People Are Too Excited And We Are Loving Their Reaction

Netizens Can Clearly Feel His Happiness

Just Like Us They Are Equally Obsessed With Baraf And Chai 

And we must say, this video is pure gold. Everyone on the internet can clearly feel his viral happiness. After watching this video if you are planning to visit a hill station soon to experience baraf, then here are 10 snowy hill stations to visit in North India. 

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