Train Derails In Pakistan’s Nawabshah; 28 Lives Lost And More Than 100 Reported Injured

by Shreya Shriyan
Train Derails In Pakistan’s Nawabshah; 28 Lives Lost And More Than 100 Reported Injured

Trains are one of the most commonly used modes of public transport around the world. So, it is no surprise that most trains if not all, are packed with people. Sadly, a similarly packed train in Pakistan’s Nawabshah town derailed and claimed the lives of 28 people, injuring 100 others. 

Train Derailment In Pakistan’s Nawabshah Town Claims 28 Lives

An express train derailed in southern Pakistan’s Nawabshah town on August 6, causing the railway minister to report at least 28 deaths. Local hospitals declared an emergency due to numerous injured individuals they were trying to assist, reported NDTV. 

The country’s outdated railway system, spanning almost 7,500 kilometres (4,600 miles) of track accommodates over 80 million passengers annually. But, unfortunately, it also experiences frequent accidents and derailments, reported NDTV. 

As per the reports. The railway minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique, stated that this was “quite a big accident.” Based on the report, 28 passengers have lost their lives and numerous others have been injured. Rafique stated that the Hazara Express derailed, with over 1,000 passengers onboard, on a track segment with no prior reported issues.

As per the report, two possibilities are suspected, a mechanical malfunction or potential sabotage. An investigation will be conducted to ascertain the cause, stated the report. The derailment occurred near Sahara railway station, close to Nawabshah city. 

As per the report, eight coaches were reported to have derailed, according to Mohsin Syal, a railway official. Reports also state that the railway minister announced an emergency at nearby hospitals due to the challenges doctors face in treating the injured.

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 What Was The Situation At The Site Of The Accident?

Outside Nawabshah, at the accident site, numerous cars, tractors, rickshaws, and motorcycles lined a road next to the track. Volunteers were actively assisting by navigating the canal between the road and railway, rescuing and aiding the injured, reported NDTV.  As per the report, AFP was informed by Ijaz Shah, a provincial railway official, that a relief train was sent to the scene.

The Hazara Express departs from Karachi, a port city in the south, and travels for about 33 hours. It reportedly travels the distance to reach Havelian in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. This is situated around 1,600 kilometres to the north. This is not the only incident of a train derailment coming from Pakistan. 

In June 2021, a collision between two trains occurred near Daharki in Sindh. The incident claimed the lives of at least 65 individuals and left around 150 others injured.

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During the accident, an express train derailed and crossed onto the opposite track. Approximately a minute later, a second passenger train collided with the wreckage, reported NDTV. 

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