Bankura Goods Train Accident: SER Investigation Reveals How The Accident Occurred

by Mallika Khurana
Bankura Goods Train Accident: SER Investigation Reveals How The Accident Occurred

Early on Sunday morning, two goods trains collided near Bankura in West Bengal. This accident caused several bogies to derail. The incident occurred at Onda station, and consequently, the Kharagpur-Bankura-Adra line’s rail service was briefly suspended. South Eastern Railway claims that the incident happened as a result of one of the goods trains running a red signal and derailing alongside the other maintenance train. Furthermore, it was disclosed that 14 trains were cancelled, 3 were diverted, and 2 were short-terminated as a result of the derailment of the goods train.

Two Trains Collided In Bankura Train Accident

At the Ondagram station, a BRN train for railroad maintenance was being shunted. The BRN maintenance train and the BCN goods train were both derailed when the BCN goods train overshot the red signal and failed to stop. At approximately 4 am, eight waggons derailed. The authorities have initiated the recovery process at the site of the accident.

South Eastern Railway’s chief public relations officer announced that the UP Mail line and Up loop line had already been restored at 7.45 am. According to reports by ABP News, a senior South Eastern Railway official revealed that the collision, which occurred at around 4 am, caused at least eight waggons to derail.

He said the incident, which delayed train service in the SER’s Adra division for more than four hours, did not result in any injuries. However, a train driver was later reported to be injured. As per the ABP News reports, the official stated that the derailed waggons were removed from the tracks on a war footing. The 18011 Howrah-Chakradharpur Express was the first passenger train to pass at 8.35 am.

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The Accident Occurred Only 20 Days After The Odisha Tragedy

This incident occurred merely 20 days after the quadruple train crash in Odisha, which resulted in 291 fatalities. Three trains, including the Coromandel Express, the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, and a cargo train, collided on June 2. A freight train that was stopped collided with the Coromandel Express, causing several of its coaches to topple. Some of the derailed coaches landed on the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, another train that was passing at the time.

It is certainly a relief that no casualties have been reported.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Abhimannu Kumar Verma