Travel Agents In UAE Think Airfares Might Reduce In Coming Weeks, So You Might Have To Pay Less!

by Anupriya Mishra
Travel Agents In UAE Think Airfares Might Reduce In Coming Weeks, So You Might Have To Pay Less!

It’s no secret that during the summer season, airfares soar through the sky. After all, there are many people travelling for their vacation to their home countries or to new destinations that they may wish to explore with their families. But with most of the travel rush for the season over, can you expect the airfares to go down in the coming weeks? Well, according to travel agents in the UAE, this might be a possibility! Here’s what they had to say.

Airfares Might Come Down In The Coming Weeks?

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According to a recent report published by Khaleej Times, it was mentioned that travel agents in the UAE believe that there could be a decline in airfares in the coming weeks. They think so as it is expected that the initial summer rush has already subsided and so there might be a fall in the Sky high fares. However, it should be noted here that with the coming Hijri holiday, some sectors might see a spike in their airfare as well. Generally, the first two weeks of school holidays are the most popular time to travel according to Sky Scanner, an online travel agency as mentioned in the report. As a result, it is also the most expensive time to travel, so according to the travel agency’s data, travellers can save nearly 10% by travelling in the week of August 19, as compared to the beginning of July.

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There Might Be A Peak In Some Sectors During The Upcoming Holiday!

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Several travel agencies across the UAE have also agreed with the sentiment, as they are of the notion that prices generally tend to go down from the second week of July onwards. According to some, the peak in the fare this year would probably be between June 20 and July 15. However, it is also worth noting, the travel agents feel that the prices may rise again from August 20 to September 10, since August 29 is Onam and school will also reopen during this time.

As it happens, travel agents feel that the airfare for countries like Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan may not decline as people might want to travel to nearby countries during the Hijri New Year, which is around the third week of July. This report hardly seems surprising as previously the Sky Scanner data also revealed that more than 90% of the people in the UAE decided to travel for the summer.

So, are you also planning a holiday in the nearby country during the upcoming holiday?

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