Travel Anxiety During Pandemic Is A Thing And Here’s How To Deal With It

by Tania Tarafdar
Travel Anxiety During Pandemic Is A Thing And Here’s How To Deal With It

Only those who have dealt with anxiety in the past know how physically and mentally draining it can really be. However, anxiety has become more and more common during the pandemic; many are finding it difficult to cope with the situation. People are getting incredibly anxious to travel these days. Sure travelling can help face your fears whether it’s chilling out with locals navigating through an unfamiliar city. Still, the fear of contracting the virus is taking over over our body and mind. These tips will help you calm down while travelling.

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1. Breathe

Breathing seems pretty simple, right? Your breath can feel especially constricted when you are dealing with a mind that’s continually racing or a pounding heart. Deep breathing techniques can do wonders to relieve anxiety. Take a deep breath in through your nose, count to three, and then slowly exhale. Stop whatever activity that you are doing, recognise your breath and reset your mind. Here are 5 Lush Green Hill Stations Of India Where You Can Breathe Fresh Air.

Breathe in the Salty Air As You See The Sun Rise Over Mumbai

2. Avoid The Triggers

Before you step out, make a list of everything that triggers your anxiety. Try and minimise your exposure to it during your journey. For some, it is outside food, and for others, it can be crowded airports or train stations. Please stay away from whatever that usually triggers you, and stay away from it.

3. Repeat A Positive Mantra

Sometimes positive self talk and repeating words or phrases when anxious can be powerful and rewire the thought process. Utter positive affirmations to yourself like “this too shall pass, and I can withstand this” or “this is just an unfound fear” can shift your mind in any way you desire. Here are 8 Most Secluded Beaches Of India To Have An Ideal Social Distancing Vacation

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4. Get Your Facts Correct

A lot of times, fear arises from unfounded worries. For example, you might be worried about being forcefully quarantined. Put your fears at rest with the right information so that you know what you are signing yourself for. This India guide will help you travel within the country during the pandemic.

5. Share Your Feelings

We understand that it is super uncomfortable and challenging to explain your feeling to others who may not have experienced this anxious feeling. But sharing your problem can saying it out loud can give you instant power over your own mind.

6. Carry Distractions With You

Save that really novel you’ve been dying to read or create a travel playlist you’ll be excited to listen to. Even bring a colouring book along to distract your mind. Try and keep your mind focused on other things you enjoy can be the best way to prevent anxiety while travelling. These are 7 Road Trip Essentials Your Journey Will Be Incomplete Without

In the end, always have somebody to call. Let someone close to you know that you’re travelling during the pandemic and nervous about dealing with anxiety. If your nerves strike, give them a call so that they can talk to you and keep you calm.