Travel From Agra To Gwalior In An Hour Via Greenfield Expressway: Cost, Status, & Other Details

With the new Greenfield Expressway, soon, you will be able to travel from Agra to Gwalior in just one hour!

by Shreya Rathod
Travel From Agra To Gwalior In An Hour Via Greenfield Expressway: Cost, Status, & Other Details

The construction of highways and motorways is proceeding on a war footing in order to improve road connectivity. In the past few months, there has been a sharp surge in the conversation regarding expressways. However, the Indian government is taking roadways to another level with their Greenfield Expressways or Green Corridor. According to a report, the Greenfield Expressway between Agra and Gwalior will reduce travel time to an hour!

Soon, You Will Be Able To Travel From Agra To Gwalior In An Hour

agra to gwalior greenfield expressway
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The Agra Gwalior Highway has four lanes and is 121 km long from Agra to Gwalior. Travelling from Agra to Gwalior takes three hours. A six-lane Greenfield Motorway between Agra and Gwalior will be constructed to shorten this trip; bids for this project will go open in January.

The Greenfield Expressway, which will be constructed by avoiding numerous villages, would also shorten the trip between Agra and Gwalior. This will make the distance of 88.40 km between Agra and Gwalior. There will be a 33-kilometre reduction in the current 121-kilometre route. Gwalior can be reached from Agra in one hour.

The Greenfield Expressway between Agra and Gwalior is the subject of a call for bids by the National Highway Authority of India. The expressway is expected to cost around ₹2497.84 crore. After the tender is awarded, it will be finished in 36 months. Construction will begin on the Agra side of the project, and it will be connected to the Inner Ring Road.

Three expressways will link Agra to Noida and connect it to Gwalior, Lucknow, and Delhi. Yamuna Expressway connects Delhi and Lucknow-Agra Expressway connects Agra and Lucknow. Following this, a Greenfield Expressway will be constructed to link Gwalior and Agra.

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This will enable traffic from the Yamuna Expressway to travel via the Inner Ring Road and Greenfield Expressway to Gwalior. Likewise, cars travelling from Lucknow will go via the Greenfield Expressway and Inner Ring Road to Gwalior.

Greenfield Expressway: How Is It Different From Highways?

agra to gwalior greenfield expressway
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As the name implies, green fields or fields are crossed by greenfield motorways. This area is level, easy to acquire, and has fewer people because it is slightly removed from the city. As a result, building these motorways and then driving fast cars is simple. There are extremely few turns and twists on greenfield motorways since they are rarely driven through cities.

The distance between two points is greatly shortened as a result. One distinguishing feature of Greenfield Motorways is their construction in areas without previous road infrastructure. Moreover, 22 greenfield motorways are to be constructed nationwide. The Delhi-Vadodara Motorway, the Nagpur-Vijayawada Corridor, the Hyderabad-Raipur Corridor, the Indore-Hyderabad Corridor, the Kharagpur-Siliguri Corridor, the Delhi-Dehradun Corridor, and the Raipur-Vishakhapatnam Corridor are a few examples of current greenfield motorways.

Cities are typically traversed by highways and vehicles on these are capable of reaching top speeds of 100 kilometres per hour. On highways, boarding and disembarking can occur from any location, while on motorways, there are specific locations.

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If you have travelled from Agra to Gwalior, comment below and tell us how much time it takes to travel.

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