Travel From London To New York In 3.5 Hours In This Futuristic Supersonic Jet

by Sushmita Mahanta
Travel From London To New York In 3.5 Hours In This Futuristic Supersonic Jet

When you are in London, a trip to New York is always thrilling. But how often do you not get bothered by a long-haul flight? However, there’s a new futuristic supersonic jet that might solve your problem now! American start-up Boom Supersonic is all set to transform travel in skies with their Boom Sonic Overture. The new futuristic supersonic jet has the capabilities of becoming the world’s fastest aircraft. The jet is also designed to shorten flying hours significantly, with journeys from London to New York estimated to take just 3.5 hours! Read on to know more details about the latest launch by Boom Sonic Overture!

The New Supersonic Jet Is Optimized For Speed, Safety, and Sustainability

You will be surprised to know about the speed and sustainable approach of the new supersonic jet that is set to shorten London to New York travel time! While an average commercial aircraft flies at 740 to 930km/h, the new Boom Supersonic Overture is optimized to hit a speed of 2,100km/h. The aircraft has had 51 design iterations since 2017 and finally has four wing-mounted small engines with “gull wings” for speed and stability. The new engine designs reduce noise to make the aircraft quieter. But that doesn’t reduce its speed, the supersonic jet will travel faster than the speed of sound when over water. Totally mind-blowing, we say! And in a process to be more sustainable, Overture will also fly without afterburners to help reduce the noise output of the aircraft. Talking about the same, Boom Supersonic recently tweeted, “26 million core-hours of simulated software designs, 5 wind tunnel tests, 51 full design iterations, Meet Overture — optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability.”

The In-flight Experience In Overture

If you are craving to board the new supersonic jet that reduces flight times to just three-and-a-half hours from London to New York, then you might have to wait a little longer! Boom is targeting 2026 for Overture to be ready and 2029 for commercial flying. However, the company has already revealed that the in-flight experience will be totally different. The supersonic jet will offer head-up data displays in the windows and a view of the stars through the moon roof when cruising at 60,000 feet (18,288m).

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