Travel From Santorini To Athens In Just 1 Hour With Hoper, Greece’s First Helicopter Airline

While ferries remain a budget-friendly option, Hoper's helicopters offer unparallelled speed.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Travel From Santorini To Athens In Just 1 Hour With Hoper, Greece’s First Helicopter Airline

Island hopping in Greece just got a luxurious upgrade. Hoper, Greece’s first helicopter airline, is now offering scheduled flights to 11 destinations, whisking you away from Athens to Mykonos in a mere fraction of the time it takes by ferry.

Greece’s First Helicopter Airline

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Forget spending precious vacation hours stuck at sea. Hoper connects you to idyllic islands like Antiparos, Folegandros, and Sifnos, previously requiring lengthy ferry journeys. These hidden gems are now within easy reach, allowing you to pack more adventure into your Greek getaway.

While ferries remain a budget-friendly option, Hoper’s helicopters offer unparallelled speed. The fastest ferry to Santorini from Athens takes over four hours, whereas a helicopter ride clocks in at just one hour. CEO Demitris Memos mentioned in a statement to Hindustan Times that they turn hours into minutes, giving travellers an extra day of vacation.

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Hoper’s Scheduled Flights

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Previously, only luxury hotels like the new One&Only Kéa Island offered helicopter transfers at a premium. Hoper changes the game with scheduled flights, making this luxurious mode of travel significantly more accessible. A private charter from Athens to Mykonos can set you back a staggering €2,775, whereas a family of four can fly Hoper for around €1,490 during peak season – a much more attractive proposition.

Greece’s tourism minister, Olga Kefalogianni, hails Hoper as a “unique step” for the industry. However, ferries still hold an advantage in terms of frequency. While Hoper flies to Mykonos from Athens only three times a week in August, ferries offer a much more regular service, with around four daily departures during peak season. Convenience also comes into play. Hoper departs from Koropi, a mere 10-minute drive from Athens International Airport. This beats the ferry port, situated a hefty 50 minutes away.

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The fleet consists of sleek Robinson helicopters, each boasting panoramic windows for breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea sparkling below. This new service arrives as Greece experiences a tourism boom. 2023 saw record numbers, and 2024 is on track to surpass it. With tourism contributing a significant 18% to Greece’s GDP, Hoper is poised to take island-hopping to new heights of luxury and efficiency.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)

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