Travel Influencer Tries ₹130 Chicken Biryani On A Train & The Internet Can’t Get Over How The Coach Must Have Smelled

An international travel influencer recently took a 30-hour long train journey and tried chicken biryani and the Internet is divided on whether it was a great idea or not.

by Tashika Tyagi
Travel Influencer Tries ₹130 Chicken Biryani On A Train & The Internet Can’t Get Over How The Coach Must Have Smelled

Whenever we plan any travel, especially overnight on a train or flight, we prefer eating light or something that wouldn’t end up making us feel queasy! However, that surely wasn’t what Daniel Pinto was thinking. He ordered chicken biryani on a 30-hour-long train journey during his visit to India recently. The travel blogger shared a reel on Instagram that showed him having a ₹130 chicken biryani on the train. The reel has since gone viral and people have some serious questions about the smell, taste, and everything in between!

Travel Influencer Tries Chicken Biryani On 30-Hour Long Train Journey


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Daniel Pinto is a travel influencer who has travelled to more than 110 countries. During his visit to India, he posted a reel about travelling on “India’s cheapest train” that was 30 hours long and had ₹130 chicken biryani for dinner. Although the name of the train or more about his journey wasn’t mentioned, it was the food that grabbed everyone’s attention. So much so that the video was reshared on UNILAD, a popular account on Instagram.

In his video, Daniel Pinto is seen sitting in a sleeper class and ordering a chicken biryani from one of the vendors on the train. The chicken biryani costs ₹130 and comes with chutney. Upon tasting, Daniel didn’t seem too impressed as he said that he had had better biryanis before. However, he did continue and say that since it’s served on a train and costs just £1.50, it’s not that bad a deal.

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Netizens Have Some Serious Questions To Ask After Seeing The Video!

Chicken Biryani on train
Image Courtesy: Instagram/dnzh.travels

As the video went viral, most people had one question – How did the train smell? Chicken biryani is made with lots of spices and opening a container filled with one in a crowded train? Now, that is one risk we don’t wish to take! So, naturally, the ever-intrigued Netizens had hundreds of questions about how the train smelled while Daniel Pinto was having the biryani on the overnight train.



The Indian in the comments section had some valid points to make about the quality of food in IRCTC. Some even suggested trying premium trains for travelling.


An Indian to an Indian, would you try biryani like this on such a long train journey? Let us know in the comments!

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