Travel Plans In 2019 As Per Your Zodiac

by Kritika Kukreja
Travel Plans In 2019 As Per Your Zodiac

Are you a romantic Virgo? Or an adventurous Saggi? Curly Tales has got the best travel itineraries for you according to your zodiac sign. Let’s get started –

1. Capricorn

With your practical and wise personality, you like to plan your trips and itineraries well in advance to help you explore all the best things and not leave you hanging around because of unmade plans. As a winter baby, Curly Tales recommends the best Christmas markets in Europe and if you’d like to go local, indulge in the breakfast by the stream experience by JW Marriott Mussoorie.

2. Aquarius

With a frank and imaginative personality, your holiday destination in 2019 should be nothing less than awesome! To suit your personality, we recommend the beautiful Ruins Of Hampi near Bengaluru. Hop on a coracle ride or head to the hippie island to explore your creative side.

3. Pisces

With an intuitive and generous personality like yours, your vacation spot in 2019 has to be out of the world. An International destination like Bali would suit your personality and we’ve got the whole itinerary planned for you.

4. Aries

Aries are known to be energetic, spontaneous and daring. A vacation for an Arian definitely has to be something out of the ordinary. Macao has the world’s highest bungee jump and all adventure lovers need to try this!

5. Taurus

Your best qualities are loyalty and stability so suiting that, we’ve got the perfect holiday spot for you. An off-beat getaway will surely give you the breath of fresh air and swoon you completely. We recommend Lisbon in Portgual to be on your goal for 2019.

6. Gemini

Your enthusiastic, cheerful and happy personality definitely deserves a beach getaway. But a beach getaway with an infinity pool is what we’d recommend for you. Alila Diwa Goa is going to blow your mind.

7. Cancer

You have a caring, nurturing and loving personality. And we’ve got the perfect getaway for you. Andamans is a destination that’s in India but still gives you an International experience.

8. Leo

Leos are outgoing and they love partying. A casual mention of the word ‘royal‘ is also enough to get their full attention. Lebua Lucknow is the royalty you need in 2019, so head out to this royal getaway and feel the way you’re meant to!

9. Virgo

Sweet, romantic and sincere. You guys have a big circle of friends and you’re surely the life of the party. With a lot going in your life at all times, it’s best to take a vacation where you can simply unwind and be yourself. Atmantan Retreat in Lonavala is your way to unwind!

10. Libra

Librans everywhere tend to prefer all things natural. As you are a nature lover, a getaway in the bright outdoors will be perfect for you. We recommend you to visit the Kozork Village in Ladakh or Gurdaspur in Punjab or you could take a pick from any of the places below.

11. Scorpio

Warm, comforting and still confident. As a Scorpio, you’re the absolute perfectionist and you want your vacations to be just the same. We’ve got the entire itinerary planned out for Canada just for you!

12. Sagittarius

Saggis are known to be spontaneous, fun and outgoing. As a Saggi, all you want to do is get out there and find something adventurous. That’s why we’ve got the perfect outing for you. Head out for an off-roading adventure with your buddies.