Bragpacker: Rent & Try Your Travel Gear Before You Buy

by Akriti Seth
Bragpacker: Rent & Try Your Travel Gear Before You Buy

Having seen all those jaw-dropping Instagram photos, I promised myself to buy a good DSLR before my next holiday. Mobile phones just don’t do justice to beautiful locations. But little did I know that I would go for a beach holiday just two days after my promise. In such a short span of time, I did not want to make a big investment and regret later. A little bit of research made me stumble upon this website that lets me hire anything related to travel for as low as Rs 100. Yes, even a DSLR camera!

What Is It? has been conceived as a platform to bring the very best of travel gear to Indian consumers. The idea is to allow you hire the best products without breaking the bank. Simple – why buy when you can rent? Here are few things that I ended up hiring from them:

1. DSLR Camera

Whether you are a Canon or a Nikon person, you’ve both the options available. You see, not much investment there and you still feel like a professional photographer wherever you are at a very minimal price.

Not just camera, but you can also rent lenses and let the inner photographer take over.

  1. Nikon DSLR
    Nikon DSLR


    2. Good Trekking Bag/Suitcase

    This is quite a concern each time I am traveling. Either my bag is too big or too small. These guys have a huge collection of travel bags in different sizes. I always wanted to know how travellers manage to fit in their world in one backpack? Well, now I know.

    Trekking bag

    3. Water-proof Camera

    Going for a beach holiday and not having a waterproof camera can be quite a killjoy. And so I am glad that I hired this Nikon Coolpix, which worked wonderfully while swimming at Phi Phi Islands! Plus imagine being able to use your camera even when its raining cats and dogs! It is so light to carry, convenient to use and cheap to hire.

    Nikon Coolpix AW130 Waterproof Camera
    Nikon Coolpix AW130 Waterproof Camera

    4. Sleeping Bag

    Have always loved cuddling up in a sleeping bag, but again it comes in use once in 6 months and that’s precisely why I’ve never thought of investing in one. Now, I hire this once in 6 months for 50 bucks only!

    Sleeping Bag
    Sleeping Bag

    5. Baby Products

    Yes, I know you want to give the best to your child and probably have invested in a fully loaded pram but tell me honestly, isn’t it way to heavy to carry for our holiday? Now, how about renting out a light stroller that you can use just for the time you are up and about exploring. They also have a baby monitor and a steam steriliser which is sure to serve your purpose.

Not just these, they also have a varied set of other things to offer from categories like Photography, Travel Essentials, Baby Care, Luggage or Outdoors.  Buzz is that they will soon have a Selfie Drone on offer!

You can rent it out from You always get a first hand experience to decide if you want to buy a product or not.

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