Travel To Bir In Himachal Pradesh For A Thrilling Paragliding Experience Under ₹10K

by Shreya Rathod
Travel To Bir In Himachal Pradesh For A Thrilling Paragliding Experience Under ₹10K

Bir, a rural village in Himachal Pradesh, is a Tibetan settlement and a prominent tourist destination for paragliding. Situated in the district of Kangra, Bir, is a few kilometres away from McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala. It is known for its scenic beauty but it’s a remote travel destination. Neha Nambiar, our Curly Tales Solo Traveller, has done some thrilling and exciting activities in Bir.

Bir Is One Stop Destination For Paragliding And Much More

Travelling to Bir can be a bit hard, but it’s totally worth it. The most popular adventure sport you’d want to try here is paragliding. Bir Billing is the most visited paragliding destination. The abundance of nature is what makes Bir a great place for campers. Camp Oak view is 3 km from Bir and provides an undiluted view of nature. The Bir Road is heaven for shopaholics. Rich Tibetan culture, handmade items, and whatnot. Chokling Monastery is a must-visit in Bir. Decorated sculptures, lush green lawns, and divinity in the air are some of the best features of the monastery.

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Places To Visit In Bir

Bir Paragliding
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Bir is home to many waterfalls. Bangoru Waterfall is a place you can’t miss. It is located 4.5 km from Tibetan Colony and is quite an easy path. The pristine view of the waterfall will make an awesome background for your pictures. The hills are a perfect place to grow tea. Chowgan Tea Garden and Bir Tea Factory are two plantations worth mentioning. A variety of teas are produced and processed here. And Lastly, the cafe culture of Bir. From Tibetan to South Indian cuisines, Bir has a selection of cafes you would like to try.

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