Traveller Leaves Flight Attendant Disgusting Note After Landing

by Yogita Chainani
Traveller Leaves Flight Attendant Disgusting Note After Landing

The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing every minute. And to ensure our safety, we should wear masks, follow social distancing and all the protocols laid by WHO. However, in the light of a recent incident, it seems like some people don’t care much about safety. Twitter user @hibiscuslacroix  shared an occurrence on her Twitter handle. In her tweet, she mentioned how a flight attendant received a handwritten note from a passenger upon deplaning. The letter was given because the flight attendant had asked the passenger to wear a mask over their nose. Meanwhile, here’s how you should identify and deal with a covidiot while travelling

Flight Attendant Was Doing Her Job To Ensure Safety Of The Passengers

The flight attendant was doing her job to secure everyone’s safety, and one passenger just got offended about it. With so much happening in the world, now is not the time to hate on others. Especially keeping the situation in mind, where the Airline Industry has been hit majorly, and tens of thousands of employees are facing immediate layoffs.

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The Note Written On A Sickness Bag Was Labelled As Waste

The note was written on an air sickness bag and was labelled with the word ‘WASTE’. Now we don’t know what the flight attendant’s tone was or what she said to the passenger. But what we know is that there’s no excuse for talking to someone like this.

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We hope that the flight attendant, who is working so hard by risking her life, reports this incident to her airline. If you are going to fly shortly, remember that it’s a tough time. Be kind and compassionate with others around you. Airline employees are going through a very tough time, so even if they aren’t happy and delightful, show them some gratitude. They need it.

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