Travellers Skip Famous European Cities For Brussels, Munich & More; Heat & Budget Influence Plans

Travellers' plans to explore Europe are noticing a major transition.

by Shreya Ghosh
Travellers Skip Famous European Cities For Brussels, Munich & More; Heat & Budget Influence Plans

The summer holiday season is here! It’s the perfect time to pack your bags, board a flight, and get set go! But where are globetrotters travelling to this year? Our last few summer holidays have been a lot about scrolling Instagram feeds and noticing everyone exploring scenic destinations in Europe. The travel trends for this summer are exactly the same and tourists are all set to tick off many dreamy European cities off their bucket lists.

Travel Trends See A Shift In Travellers Visiting European Cities

European Cities
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Wanderlusters from different parts of the world are heading to picturesque destinations in Europe. When we talk about travelling to this continent, the first few touristy cities that come to our minds are Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and more such bustling dreamy locations. Many globetrotters have shown interest and have been to all these cities in the past years. However, the travel trends of exploring Europe in summer are quite unlike what we have seen over the years.

Tourists are planning to visit offbeat or less-explored destinations rather than booking tickets for overcrowded cities this summer holiday. Beaches are major hotspots for visitors but people are willing to skip these locations to enjoy relaxing vacations. Wondering which cities are becoming a favourite of the masses this year? Well, we have the answers to all your questions and you might soon end up planning a trip to one of these places.

European Cities
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From Brussels to Zurich, this summer’s travel trends are witnessing a noticeable growth in the tourism sector in these cities, Chase Travel shared with Bloomberg. Reporting a major transition, Brussels, Munich, and Zurich are witnessing the highest year-on-year numbers. Chase Travel shared the top 10 European cities that just recorded the biggest year-on-year rise this summer vacation:

  1. Brussels (73 per cent)
  2. Munich (63 per cent)
  3. Zurich (59 per cent)
  4. Warsaw (55 per cent)
  5. Amsterdam (54 per cent)
  6. Vienna (53 per cent)
  7. Shannon (53 per cent)
  8. Zagreb (51 per cent)
  9. Prague (49 per cent)
  10. Budapest (48 per cent)

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From Heat To Budget, Tourists Consider Multiple Factors

European Cities
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Travellers are presently considering several factors while choosing cities for vacations. One of the most crucial factors influencing travel choices is undoubtedly the budget. The bustling and mostly-visited cities are majorly expensive and surely burn a huge hole in the pockets. Places that can be explored without spending too much money are on the rise this year.

From high hotel costs to experiences, visitors are switching locations according to their preferences and choices. Travellers can go to Belgium if Italy seems too expensive. Many globetrotters might be cautious in avoiding extravagant European holidays but surprisingly, the demand for London, Paris, and Rome remains the highest. A report by Hindustan Times stated that these cities are topping the charts for being the most-booked places.

Another concern is the intolerable heatwaves. We came across news of people falling sick on the roads in this continent last year. Many are opting to travel to destinations with pleasant climates to get respite from the scorching temperatures. Demand for bookings is surging in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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What are your vacation plans for this season?

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