Travelling From Mumbai To Pune? Take This Alternate Route To Beat Traffic

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Travelling From Mumbai To Pune? Take This Alternate Route To Beat Traffic

Are you thinking of travelling to Pune or Goa in the coming days? Well then there is something you should know. A traffic advisory has been issued by the Navi Mumbai Traffic Police for all the people who wish to travel to Pune or Goa. According to the advisory, all the people who are planning to travel to Goa or Pune will have to take the Uran Phata pass and not the usual Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Uran-Phata Pass Instead Of Mumbai Pune Expressway

The Navi Mumbai police traffic division has asked locals to use the other route because extensive road maintenance is being done in Kamothe as they anticipate a surge in traffic as a result of extended holidays. The vehicle owners have been urged to plan their travel by passing through Uran Phata, Killa Junction, Gavan Phata, and Palspe in accordance with the traffic warning. On their way to the Mumbai-Pune Highway, motorists were irritated with the hours they had to wait. Motorists stopped on the way to Lonavala and Goa and tweeted real-time updates, reporting that long lines at toll booths were just prolonging the delay.

Pic Credits: Hindustan times

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Saving People From The Extended Traffic

An official from the traffic department said that on the Belapur-Kharghar stretch, the rain and potholes were slowing down the flow of traffic. As these are the roads taken to travel to Pune or Goa, the Public Works department is also repairing a bridge at the Purusharth Petrol Pump in Kamothe, which is causing further traffic congestion keeping in mind all of this the department decided to ask people to use the other route which is the Uran-Phata pass so that they can easily reach Pune or Goa. Many people cancelled their plan looking at the live updates by the motorists and news. 

Pic Credits: hindustan times

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