Travelling With Kids Below 5 Years? Here’s How To Book Train Tickets With IRCTC

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling With Kids Below 5 Years? Here’s How To Book Train Tickets With IRCTC

Whenever we need any kind of information, we jump on the Internet to learn about it. We rely on various information on social media platforms but unfortunately, these platforms are filled with fake news. Misleading information and fake news are surrounded all over and it is now hard to believe which is the actual news after learning from the Internet. Very recently, news spread on various social media platforms claiming that the Indian railways have changed their rules for booking train tickets for kids below 5 years. The information stated that IRCTC has changed the ticket policy for these children and now people travelling with kids below 5 years have to pay the total price and just like adults.

What Are The Actual Rules For Travelling With Kids Below 5 Years?

Well, this news and rumour are very misleading and entirely wrong. Indian Railways have not made any such modifications where adult passengers will need to pay the full amount for tickets while travelling with kids below 5 years of age. Just as it has been happening for a long time, similarly there is no necessity to pay ticket prices for these little children. They can travel with their families with free tickets from Indian Railways.

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Indian Railways released a circular on 6 March 2020 and it states that kids below 5 years do not require any payment to get a train ticket. They can travel free with their parents without reservation. To travel free of cost, the kids won’t get a separate berth. If you need a separate seat while travelling with kids, you need to pay the entire adult fare of the ticket. You need to book a ticket and pay the entire price to access a separate berth. Also, the important step is to select the ‘infant seats’ option to get access to the free ticket services.

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How To Book Train Tickets With IRCTC?

The ticket booking process while travelling with kids is very simple. You can get tickets free of cost for children for 0-4 years. Indian railways will not provide a separate seat for this. Pay the full price for a separate berth. And for children of the age gap 5-11 years, pay the full fare for a full seat. Else, pay the half ticket fare if you don’t book a full berth.