5 Trekking Trails In Meghalaya With The Most Enchanting Landscapes

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Meghalaya is one of the best destinations for trekkers. If you are on to find the best trekking trails in India, Meghalaya must be on your list. Trekking trails in Meghalaya come with beautiful and breathtaking views. As you know, the place that is still unexplored by travellers and tourists. Apart from the small waterfalls, roads, scenic landscapes, we are sure the trekking trails will have your soul.

Trekking Trails with Enchanting Landscapes

Trekking trails in Meghalaya form a beautiful combo with its landscapes and it must be on your bucket list. We have picked a few spectacular trekking trails in Meghalaya which will impress you to the core. Take a look:

David Scott Trail

This trekking trail in Meghalaya is one of the most known trekking trails in the state. It is a 16 km trail which starts from Mawphlang and ends at Ladmawphlang. The trek will take you through the most enchanting views of waterfalls, rivers and the hills.

You’ll need approximately four to five fours to trek through this route. And, most importantly, there are other attractions too that you will witness on the way!

Living Root Bridge Trek

This place is another jewel in Meghalaya that the state boasts of. The living root bridges are sturdy bridges made of roots entirely. And they are said to be better than wooden bridges. This place is a beautiful trekking location and watch the tropical forests in Meghalaya. It will take you two to three hours to trek through the location.

Mawlongbna Village Trekking

To truly gain an experience, you need to stay at the Mawlongbna Village. An overnight stay will allow you to camp and even zip-line across the forest. The Mawlongba Village trekking is a delight for both nature and adventure enthusiasts. You need to plan a day to visit this trekking trail in Meghalaya.

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Remote Escapes In India

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Mawlyngot Trek

This village is located approximately 75 kms away from the Shillong city. You can even visit the tea estates located here. At the same time, you can even spend some time by the Umsong river after the trek. From the Umsong river, there is another trail to reach the town, Pynursla. Needless to say, you will trek through rich forest covers before you reach the destination. Its major attractions include the Laitlum canyons, which is one of the local’s favourites.

The Smit Trek

One of the trekking trails in Meghalaya with the most exquisite treks lets you rest and trek between the route. The trek is of almost 2 days and has amazing views to witness before you reach the spot. It is not a very difficult route but is a good trail for beginners who have just started trekking.

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Meanwhile, watch this video on what are the things you can do while visiting Meghalaya.

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