Try Caving In Meghalaya As A New Adventure Activity

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Try Caving In Meghalaya As A New Adventure Activity

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Unravel the limestone caves of Meghalaya in this unique adventure that will take you to the core of the Earth and unknown places.

What Is It?

Caving is an adventure activity that is a process of unraveling the wild cave systems. Meghalaya – ‘the abode of clouds’ also offers one of the most dense and deepest limestone and sandstone caves in India that are either partially or fully explored by few experts.

What’s In It?

Get lost in the world underneath and go on a trail to explore the unknown. You can expect pitch dark trails with surprising waterfalls in between, stalactites, flooded passageways, and stalagmites formations. You’ll even encounter some creatures such as beetles, crabs, small fishes, and bats.

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Most of the caves are located in the East Khasi Hills, South Garo Hills, and Jaintia Hills. Caving can be an activity involving 5-10 days of exploring the wonders of the nature. You will need a proper gear and professionals to guide you through these dense caves and show you the right path. Proper gear includes gumboots, body suits, helmets, LED headlamps, a bottle of water, first-aid kit and a nutrient bar as the entire activity can be really tiring.

Encounter the uneven terrains as you get closer to the core, traverse your trails carefully in narrow passages as you might get hurt.

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Where: Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya

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