Try These Bisi Bele Fritters And Ragi Pizzas At Go Native In Jayanagar

by Jeelani Shareif
Try These Bisi Bele Fritters And Ragi Pizzas At Go Native In Jayanagar

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Go Native in Bengaluru is serving Bisi Bele Fritters and Ragi Pizza, that’s making South Indians…slow clap!

What Is It?

Bisi Bele Bhat just got transformed to Bisi Bele Fritters! Don’t scratch your head about this mashed rice bhat. It just got a tad bit fancy. Yes! We love this whacky fusion from Go Native. It’s so healthy, crispy and finger licking good.
This favourite all day food, that we Southies enjoy so much, has been made into crunchy balls of goodness. The Ragi Pizza with the goodness of light Finger Millet crust  is a must on a healthy cheat day.

Bisi Bele Fritters are just ₹180, and Ragi Pizza is ₹125, very pocket and health friendly.

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Go Native
Ragi Pizza at Go Native

What’s In It?

Bisi Bele Fritters are made of earthy goodness. They use millets for the Bisi Bele Fritters (very healthy) and deep fry them, to gorge on with mint chutney. These delicious fritters are crunchy, wholesome and flavourful, and retain their authenticity of Bisi Bele Bhat, with an outer crunch. If you haven’t had enough, then try the Ragi Pizza on your cheat day. The base is made of Ragi or Finger Millet, and the toppings have all the goodness of a regular pizza. Tell me if you packed on any pounds and if your answer is ‘no’ then get back to eat more.

What Else?

Go Native  is set in a large bungalow surrounded with lush greenery. They also have a lifestyle store with some unique organic products from local vendors.The restaurant uses ‘farm to table’ concept. All the organic food served is seasonal and fresh, that give’s a new goal to our health conscious selves.

Go Native has some really fresh Cold Pressed Juices, and good breakfast options, you must try Poondi Gatti, authentic Mangalore breakfast comprising of steamed rice balls tossed in chutney powder, or Ragi Dose still a preferred option by native Kannadiga’s on any given day, these are gluten free and are very good staple option.

Go Native
Poondi Gatti at Go Native


Address: 64, 10th Main, 5th block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru
Phone: 2664 2552
Approx meal: ₹ 800 for 2 people, Bisi Bele Fritters costs ₹ 180, Ragi Pizza costs ₹ 125


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