Turkey Earthquake Update: UAE Opens A Hospital In the Affected Area Ft. 200 Beds, 2 Operating Rooms & More

by Anupriya Mishra
Turkey Earthquake Update: UAE Opens A Hospital In the Affected Area Ft. 200 Beds, 2 Operating Rooms & More

For the past few days, the earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria have been making headlines. With the wide devastation that the natural disaster left in its wake, the reports from ground zero are heartbreaking. And offering aid to the affected country, the UAE has set up a new field hospital in Turkey’s Reyahnli District of Hatay.

UAE Has Set Up A New Field Hospital In Turkey

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Field Hospital has now opened in the Reyhanli District of Hatay. The aim of this hospital is to offer medical aid to those who have been affected by the recent series of earthquakes. As it happens, this hospital has a capacity of 200 beds and it includes 20 intensive care beds, two operating tables, two intensive care rooms, a laboratory, and even a pharmacy.

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This Is The Second Hospital By The UAE

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed
Pic credits: Flickr/Eric Garcetti

This is the second field hospital that has been established in Turkey after the first one came up in Gaziantep. The hospital was inaugurated on the 18th of February, Saturday. This was done in the presence of the UAE ambassador to Turkey, Saeed Thani Hareb Al Dhaheri and several other Turkish officials. As such, Staff Brigadier General Dr Sarhan Al Neyadi, Commander of the Medical Services Corps, was also present. In fact, this hospital was built in just five days and happens to be a part of the UAE’s humanitarian approach.

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First Hospital Opened In Gaziantep

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed
Pic credits: Pexels

This hospital opening is in line with the directives of the leadership and within the framework of Operation Gallant Knight/2. The aim of which happens to be to reduce the sufferings of those who have been hit by the earthquake. Not to mention, the hospitals have been staffed with specialised Emirati medical teams. In fact, their aim is to provide an urgent humanitarian response and the first such field hospital was opened on the 13th of February in Gaziantep.

According to the latest news reports, survivors are being discovered 12 days after the natural disaster. The death toll has crossed over 45000 as rescue operations continue to be underway.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons